Monday, February 2, 2009

"You're gonna die!" says high school girl

It all happened at Pelahatchie High School in Pelahatchie, Mississippi.

Kinda figures - you know, what with Mississippi being the land of the devilish Haley Barbour, Trent Lott, and Roger (the dodger) Wicker; oh, we musn't forget the Citizen's Council, a wonderful organization dedicated to keeping the "heritage" of the South alive.

Here's the story: Lashundra Clanton, a student at Pelahatchie High School, all of sudden began speaking in a deep voice, sometimes speaking in "tongues," during which time she told students "about little-known facts in their past and made predictions on how some of them would die."

Some of the students at Lashundra's school were so upset they fled and stayed out of school for days. Others figured a demon had overtaken her, so they brought Bibles to school and held a devotional service, to try to get God to get her to stop with the craziness, I suppose.

That's kinda funny: magic against magic. Who's mojo is gonna be strongest?

Lashundra says it wasn't the devil or an evil spirit. "Some believe," she saith, "some don't. They say it was the devil, but the devil only tells lies. Everything I said was the truth."

It was God speaking through her! Of course!

Here's the proof: "I didn't cuss anyone out," argues Clanton. "If it was a demon, I would have tore that school up. I would have thrown desks and everything. I didn't say no cuss words at all."

See there! No cuss words, and she didn't tore nothing up!

God doth, indeed, move in mysterious ways.

Newspaper article here.


Bob Poris said...

What if the Devil kept her from swearing or cussing to fool the kids? She might just be a witch of a tool of the Devil. How can they be sure? Both God and the Devil move in mysterious ways. Did anyone see or talk to any angels at the time? I have been told that angels protect us and would hope they were working that day in the school. It is very difficult to know when the Devil is working. We do not know if Bush was hearing God or the Devil before he decided to go to war. Considering the damage done to the USA, which is obviously God’s favorite place, how do we know in which one spoke to Bush. Which will direct Obama? Maybe we need someone to investigate what happens in the White House. I am sure that the powers that be, do concentrate their efforts in the White House. Maybe we can ask Jimmy Carter which directed him.

Anonymous said...

OMG, I've always thought the "speaking in tongues" thing was a big put-on. Some can do it and some can't, therefore some are superior to others. A status thing.

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