Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Repubs vote against stimulus because Obama is a partisan

[Photo of House Republicans by Getty Images]


A huge bloc of Repugnican androids in the House of Representatives, 177 to be exact, voted against the stimulus bill. NO Repugnican voted for the bill.

Initially, the Repugnicans cried about the fact the stimulus bill contained funds for family planning, and, as onenewsnow put it, that "the bill would merely advance the liberal social agenda, grow the government, and reward liberal interest groups--all without doing much to help the economy."

Wow, that's quite an indictment, except for the fact it's bullshit.

At any rate, to the dismay of some of us lefties, Obama knuckled under and agreed to one of the Repugnican demands, calling for the family-planning provision to be stripped from the bill.

Didn't do any good.

No Repugnican voted for the bill.

So, here's the uptake: The economy is in the toilet. The President is making a good-faith effort to stimulate the economy and worked hard to bring Repugnicans on board in a bi-partisan effort, which included caving to at least one of their demands.

They still voted NO.

Now the Repugnicans are saying that because Obama didn't agree to every single one of their demands, or rewrite the bill to Repugnican specifications, he is an agent of a partisan agenda.

It's not their fault they voted against the bill, it's Obama's fault. Obama can't seem to understand that bi-partisanship means giving the Repugs everything they want.

Is this a great country, or what?

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Distributorcap said...

the country is so sick of these games -- and this one will backfire -- as will their rush to kiss the feet of rush....

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