Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hurricane Katrina God's punishment says new Catholic bishop

In Austria, Gerhard Wagner 54, of Linz, was promoted by his infallibleness, Pope Benedict XVI, to the position of auxiliary bishop.

Wagner, in 2005 said that all the horrible things that happened to the residents of New Orleans as a result of Hurricane Katrina should be attributed to "divine retribution," a consequence of the immorality displayed by the people of that city. Wagner was especially upset at the tolerance of homosexuals and general sexual laxity.

In a parish newsletter, Wagner cited the nightclubs and whore houses and abortion clinics that were destroyed by Katrina.

God got 'em!

Oh, Wagner doesn't much like the Harry Potter books, either. They promote "satanism."

Sheesh! Well, what's one more bishoprick?

h/t to Times OnLine.


moleboy said...

Oh silly Catholics, is there no one you won't let in?
Holocaust deniers, Katrina justifiers, and child rapists.
I'm reminded of that "I wouldn't want to be a member of any club that would have me" bit

Anna M said...

I'm catholic, I studied all my life in an Opus Dei school. I've been insulted and people had make laugh of me because of my religion. And you know what conclusion I got? They are all haters, they might think I'm the crazy one, that they've wash my brain. But they are all wrong. I don't care what does the pope or the bishop do. I'm just happy I do believe in someone bigger than me that protects me when I'm in danger (and I've been) that makes me companion when I'm alone (and I've been alone too) and that really hears me.. I'm good with people because that's the only thing my God ask for me. And people that makes laugh of people like me, and just live insulting other religions, they're just empty.

And for your information.. catholics never denied the holocaust..

Bob Poris said...

I am happy for you, really. Many good people believe in God but not organized religion, which often teaches hate for others. The Bishop teaches hate for Jews. That is unchristian. Some Catholics do hate others, some do not, and some love everyone. History teaches us that many members of many religions actively helped the Nazis round up Jews, gays, political dissidents; etc. Hitler was Catholic.

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