Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ron Reagan & the angels that saved his life

Ronald Reagan was a B-grade movie actor, an amiable dolt who somehow stumbled into politics and ended up being president. That scenario would probably make a good Hollywood movie, but nobody would believe it!

Supporters of Ron have long pointed to his religious faith as an example of what a nice guy he was.

But that religious faith was not much in evidence during his movie career - which ended rather sadly, as you may recall - with Ron hawking for GE on TeeVee. At the time, nobody knew he had faith in anything except his good looks.

Worldnetdaily, the wingnut "news" source of Joseph Farah, reports on a book written by Mary Beth Brown in 2004 called "Hand of Providence: The Strong and Quiet Faith of Ronald Reagan."

Brown claims that on two occasions, angels interceded to save ol' Ron's life. In 1981 after he had been shot by John Hinckley, Reagan was finding it difficult to breathe, had turned very pale, and things weren't looking too good.

"Reagan later recalled looking up from the gurney and praying. Half-conscious, he realized someone was holding his hand."

"'It was a soft, feminine hand,' he writes in his autobiography, 'An American Life.'"

Reagan's family tried to find out the name of the nurse who held his hand, without success. So his children decided it must have been an angel.

But that wasn't the first time Reagan experienced an angelic presence. Many years before, while working on a move with Shirley Temple, he caught pneumonia and became quite ill. He found it difficult to breathe and told the nurse he was too tired to breathe, but she insisted and he continued breathing through the night to please the nurse.

The family set out to find this nurse, but without success. It must have been an angel, family members concluded.

Yup. Mary Beth Brown believes that the key to Reagan's "astonishingly successful presidency" was his "deep Christian faith." And angels.

Oh, stop laughing. Just because he damn near ruined the country!

Haven't we had enough of presidents who talk to God, believe angels hold their hand, who then proceed to shred the Constitution, and bring us to the brink of financial destruction?

The Worldnetdaily article is here.

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