Friday, February 6, 2009

Recession is the devil's work

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Last month, Ruth Gledhill at Times Online, reported on our old friend, Gabriel Amorth, the Vatican's favorite devil chaser and exorcist. Gabriel lives and breathes the devil. He finds the devil everywhere. Even in the Harry Potter books.

But Gabriel has to keep reminding folks about the devil and the work of the devil because if the devil should be forgotten Gabriel's out of a job!

So Gabriel tends to see the devil in places the rest of us would not think to link with Satan; like the world-wide recession. Here's what he says, in part:

"The Devil also waits on economic experts and investors. He give [sic] the wrong decisions, and thus create [sic] confusion and crisis. It was also the biggest victory of the devil, if his existence is denied."

Most important is to admit the existence of the devil. Then Gabriel can go on exorcising the devil from people bedeviled by the devil. At least for awhile. I think he's 82 or 83 years old.

What I don't understand is why god doesn't do something. Who is the devil? Where did the devil come from? I don't read of the devil in the Torah. I know there are many beliefs about all of this, but one of them must be the correct belief, right?

Is the devil more powerful than god, that he can run loose and demonize people so old Roman exorcists like Amorth have a job?

Has anyone seen the devil?

Why doesn't god just slap down the devil once and for all?

None of this makes much sense.

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Bob Poris said...

The Devil is the greatest scapegoat in history.

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