Saturday, February 7, 2009

New christianist approach to evangelism

Evangelism, christianists like to think, is proclaiming the good news of Jesus to the world. Many christianists figure that means confronting people on the street, at work, in their homes, in the subway, at the store, at sporting events, or even at church, to ask them if they've been saved and know they're gonna go to heaven when they die.

The trouble with that approach is that it gets folks really angry. They don't like to be told by some young twerp or some old dork that they need to find Jesus and get saved to make sure they don't spend eternity in hell.

Cranford Blackmon of Wilsonville, Alabama, a christianist, says he has found that "too many times ... an unsolicited offering on the sinful nature of someone's life, or on how someone's troubles could be faced better with Jesus, or even worse - that the person being addressed is already headed straight to hell, doesn't often bring others to Christ. He says, in today's world, that approach commonly creates anger, separation, and rejection, if not outright hostility."

You think?

So Blackmon has come up with a solution - sort of. He's "designed a unique line of Christian products to promote a new avenue of sharing Christ."

But there are so many products out there that focus on the cross, "his products focus on the resurrection and what it means for Christians."

His products contain imagery "that is a little different," the purpose of which is to get your friends, neighbors and strangers to ask you what it means. Then you can hit them with Jesus.

Interested? You can visit Blackmon's website here. Check out the imagery. Not very many products yet, though. Looks like an uphill battle. For all eternity.

Christiannewswire article here.

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