Saturday, February 7, 2009

Republican racism in Florida

Eventually, it comes out; the hidden racism lurking in the corners of the Republican Party. Here's another example.

In Florida, Carol Carter, long-time Repugnican state committeewoman from Hillsborough County, sent an e-mail to a few of her "friends," which included this "joke":

"I'm confused. How can 2,000,000 blacks get into Washington, DC in 1 day in sub zero temps when 200,000 couldn't get out of New Orleans in 85 degree temps with four days notice."

Someone sent the e-mail on to the Republican Party state chairman.

Then the shit hit the fan. The chair of the state Republican Committee wasn't too happy what with a black man taking over the reins of the RNC.

Carter has resigned.

But, before doing so, she issued a non-apologetic apology which included this sentence: "I do hope that we are going to be allowed to keep our sense of humor."

Right. That was certainly funny, Carol.

No wonder you're a Repugnican.

More here. And here.

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Bob Poris said...

She sees such crap as funny. I doubt if the victims of Katrina think it was funny.

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