Monday, February 2, 2009

Palin prevaricated to Repubs, partied elsewhere

The fact that Palin lied once again should not surprise anyone. (This is the woman who sold the plane on e-Bay, that reads all the newspapers, that sees Russia from her house, that didn't ban Harry Potter but did, that hated earmarks, etc.)

But it did.

Think Progress tells the tale they picked up from The Note.

When the House Republicans (they're the ones who can't be stimulated) planned for their annual retreat (which is held every year - I thought I needed to explain that in case any House Republicans should read this), they sent an invite to the Guv of Alaska, one Ms. Sarah Palin, prevaricator extraordinaire.

It is reported that these unstimulated House Repugs hoped Palin would give a rousing speech so all Repugnicans everywhere would jump up and down and clap their hands and cry out what a wonderful Party was the Repugnican Party.

T'was not to be. Palin pretended she had "pressing state business" and this "made it impossible for her to leave Alaska."

Heh, heh.

The hockey mom liar did it again. She didn't have to stay in Alaska. She had no "pressing business," except to make sure her gown was ironed.

So she snuck out of Alaska and flew off to Washington, D.C. where she attended the extra-special Alfalfa Dinner which is only for certain well-connected and very important people. (Word is she got an invitation from an anonymous donor.)

The Repug poohbahs were not happy. One of the Repugs that actually attended their annual retreat (which is held every year) cried: "She lied to us."


That's what she does best!

Here she is, arriving at Alfalfa. More here.

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Bob Poris said...

It is amazing that she is still considered presidential material and the possible leader of the Republican Party.

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