Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Newt Gingrich & Tom DeLay - Repub Powerballs

The Republican Party lost the November election for various reasons, not the least of which is the fact they are out of touch with the concerns and the needs of the American people. One might think that would be cause for self-examination, confession, and repentance.

Not so.

The Republican Party, living in the past and dreaming of golden years which never were, have become the party of retrenchment.

Deluded fools they be, thinking if only they can capture what they had under leaders like Newt Gingrich and Tom DeLay, all will be well. That is understandable once we realize that the Republican Party doesn't care about the welfare of the country. It really doesn't.

The Republican Party, like so many organizations, exists to perpetuate itself and its power - now lost.

How might a political party recapture power and regain its majority in the three branches of government? The sane and sensible response would have to do with determining how best to meet the needs and desires of the people the party seeks to serve and then construct a platform to meet those needs and desires.

But the Republican Retrenchment Party is insane. Their goal is power, pure and simple. Thus, the Minority Whip in the House, the nogoodnik, Eric Cantor, releases a filthy, profane diatribe against the working class. Thus Cantor and other Repug nogoodniks (with which the House of Representatives is filled) seeks the advice of Newt Gingrich and Tom DeLay.

Whatever else one may say about Newt Gingrich and Tom DeLay, one must say they are two of the biggest scumbags ever to reach high levels of government in the United States. Both are ethically-challenged and both are only about power - obtaining it and holding it, and often abusing it.

Gingrich, however, remains a hero to people like Cantor and other Republican leaders in the House and Senate. Which tells you a lot, none of which you really want to know, because it isn't good for our country.

Gingrich is the asshat who reconstructed the House of Representatives into a massive machine of opposition in the early 90s which had as its only goal the obstruction of President Clinton's programs to better the welfare of the American people.

His only purpose for doing that was to try to bring the Democrats down so the Republicans could take control of Congress! It had nothing to do with serving the people.

This is the man to whom our Republicans are now going to for advice. According to Think Progress, "Cantor said he had studied Mr. Gingrich's years in power and had been in regular touch with him as he sought to help his party find the right tone and message."

"I talk to Newt on a regular basis," said Cantor, "because he was in the position that we are in: in the extreme minority." Well, he got the word, "extreme" right. Right?

Think Progress also notes that "In September, he [Gingrich] 'was whipping against' the first TARP package 'up until the last minute' and was said to have been largely responsible for the GOP voting against it."

Just as an aside, to show what kind of man Gingrich really is: While leading the fight to impeach President Clinton, Gingrich was conducting an illicit affair with a woman who would eventually become his third wife.

Don't you just love Republican "family values"?

But don't forget when Gingrich shut down the government in a fit of pique because Clinton made him sit in the back of the plane!

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Bob Poris said...

Gingrich’s successful attempts to make our system a one party one is the reason I left the Republican Party after more than forty years! NO party should move in lockstep as a firm rule. It is impossible to have total unanimity on every issue for four years or more! The goal of our system is to have differences and then to resolve them in a manner that works for the good of all. Newt and company wasted tax payer’s dollars on a crusade to crush Clinton with accusations that had been investigated by the authorities in his home state years before Congress decided to start over. His effectiveness as president was diminished by a daily barrage of charges, none of which bore fruit until the end of his term when he lied re a personal issue. We, the people, lost the full attention of our leader for eight years, while the world went downhill. It is one thing for the media or commentators to attack a political figure. It is quite another when the full force of both Houses of Congress devote the majority of time and effort to simply denigrate the President or try to block his efforts rather than work with him to run the government. We might be seeing that again. The Republicans did have time to make suggestions to Obama to improve his bills. Instead, they attacked and voted as a bloc, with three exceptions, that did affect some changes. Obama has been in office three weeks and it looks like we will have gridlock or close to it, while we all suffer.

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