Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Florida and tourism

[Image is of the projected Trump resort to be built on Sunny Isles Beach in Southern Florida.]

South Florida's newspapers are reporting that tourism in Florida this year is bad, bad, bad. In fact, " some ways the vacation market is suffering more than it did after the 2001 attacks."

That's according to the Miami Herald, which also noted that Nikki Grossman, who heads up the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau, is expecting "an 8 percent decline in hotel taxes by the fall."

Lots of moaning. Hotel people are weeping. One of them said "To get back to where we were in 2007 or 2008 is going to take years."

Well, I don't get around to many of the "vacation spots," and seldom stay at Florida resorts, so all of that may be true.

Actually, though, for some of us who live here, it doesn't sound all that bad. We have too many people in this state now, anyway.

Except I don't believe it. The roads are jammed, the restaurants are jammed, the stores are jammed, and a goodly percentage of the cars on the road or parked in the parking lots carry out-of-state plates.

Can't wait for May! The heat and humidity send 'em packing!

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Bob Poris said...

Living in a retirement community is different. Our snow birds have returned and will go back north soon. We live in an enclosed world. The numbers of snowbirds seems to be declining though as the costs of two homes rises.

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