Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gingrich, Newt. Shadowy power broker

He's still hanging around. In the shadows. Brokering power.

Why? He hasn't had a new idea in 20 years. Or more. Well, except when he decided to dump one wife for another. Oh wait, he had that idea several times.

Now Gingivitis, walking out of the shadows where he has been advising such Congressional luminaries as the profane and pitiable Eric Cantor, is promoting an "alternative" to anything Obama might want to do for the economy in the present or future.

This is called, in Republican speak, bipartisanship!

Does Gingivitis think anyone still takes him seriously? Well, except for Bill Bennett, another Repugnican wingnut, who hosted Gingrich on his radio show?

That's where Gingrich hawked "12 American Solutions for Jobs and Prosperity." Oh, stop laughing. Just because he was a major contributor to the downfall of American jobs and prosperity and just because he's hawking the same old tired ideas...

Wait, Gingivitis says they are "new" ideas.


Especially this one: Let's get rid of the capital gains tax. (He proposed that in 1997). Why would we do that? Well, we don't want to tax the rich, right? And, furthermore, if we let the rich keep their all of their capital gains they'll go out and build more factories and hire Americans at good wages and produce stuff that everyone will want to buy and won't it be wonderful and everything will be right once again.

Lower taxes on the rich! One more time.

It's the same old crap. The same old trickle-down stuff. Gingrich, like most of his colleagues, just never lets reality intrude on his fantasies!

The trouble is that some people do listen to him. He's still got his claws in a number of Congress persons who bow and scrape and do his bidding.

I'll betcha, sure as Palin can see Alaska from her house, that Gingivitis will be running for president in 2012 (unless, of course, some other ideologue like Jindal beats him to it).

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Bob Poris said...

He created the one party take all system of government. He caused the game style of politics that has done so much harm, yet he keeps influencing his admirers. Why?

Why is it that people with no money love these nuts and keep voting for them? A neighbor was taking off on the “death tax” being so unfair. I asked if it affected his family but he didn’t know.

Such ignorance is inexcusable but rather common. We should find a way to explain the facts. It is ok to disagree with a law but we should know what it says and does.

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