Friday, February 20, 2009

North Dakota morons!

[Image is of christianist freak, Dan Ruby, Repugnican of North Dakota]

They tried this in Colorado. Didn't work. Smarter people in Colorado.

The North Dakota House, passed by a margin of 51-41 a bill which would make a fertilized egg a real human person!

In other words, a fertilized egg would have all the rights of a real human being, "a step that would essentially ban abortion in the state."

It is "a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade. Now this idiocy goes to the North Dakota senate.

Dan Ruby is the wingnut who sponsored the bill.

Cara, writing for Feministe, says "the language of this bill is also a direct challenge to contraception as well as abortion, since non-barrier methods of contraception are believed to maybe cause fertilized eggs to fail in attaching themselves to the uterine wall."

She further says that "since that attachment to the uterine wall is the only real way that we are currently able to identify pregnancy, and therefore how we define it, this bill would also give these fertilized eggs rights from the before the moment at which we are currently able to scientifically prove that they even exist.

"Just wrap your head around that one."

'Tis difficult to wrap my head around the fact that legislators in the State of North Dakota are such complete morons!

Why do these religious wingnuts believe they have the right to impose their immoral morality upon the rest of the people in this country? There just can't be a god, 'cause if there were, she'd strike them down where they sit upon their legislative asses.

Ruby, by the way, is a Repugnican, a Roman Catholic, has a high school diploma, and owns a sanitation business. We can understand the last 'cause he is full of shit!

Read the entire article here. More here. And you can learn what christianist freaks think about this here.

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How do we stop such nonsense?

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