Sunday, February 15, 2009

Real science v. Creationism

Thanks to SuperJesus from which this was borrowed.


Sean Steinacher said...

It'd be funny if it were true. You see the left hand side of the picture should say the exact same thing as the right side. Why do I say this? Evolutionists have made the same faith based statements and have reinterpreted, and in some cases ignored, data to avoid issues. For example there were generations of biology students who were learning that humanity had gone through fish and reptile stages of development. This idea was never borne out of evidence, but rather biased ambitions thatfell against lack of or even contrary data (Something that creationists supposedly do).
When perceiving a mathematical improbability that put evolution's plausibility into question Ernst Mayr said "Somehow or other by ADJUSTING these figures we will come out all right. We are comforted by the fact that evolution HAS occurred." This same mentality led to the absurd theories like punctuated equilibrium and the "hopeful monster" theory which states that the first bird was indeed hatched from a reptile's egg. Both of these theories were made because Darwinian evolution clearly had problems in it.

No doubt some Christians do think like those on the right hand side of the page, but does the fact that there are some dumb Christian's prove the bible or any of their religious beliefs are wrong? There are tons of people who have been convinced of the bible's claims by examining the evidence for it (which would be the exact opposite of what this cartoon depicts). Take a look at the evidence yourself; eternity is a long time to be wrong.

Jacob said...

@ Sean - Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Christian creationism is paganism trying to dress itself in respectability. There is no evidence of any kind anywhere for any of the so-called Bible's claims!

But I understand how tough it must be for you - believing in that nasty old bogeyman up in the sky who (out of love, of course) is going to burn you forever and ever (eternally, and eternity's a long time you know!) just like all loving fathers do to their wayward children.

Isn't it interesting that your so-called loving god doesn't even act like a normal human parent and like many other ancient pagan deities requires a blood sacrifice to remove make-believe evil (i.e., sin).

It's just so sad to see people like yourself wasting so much energy on such nonsense. Go do something useful for your fellow and sister human beings!

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