Sunday, February 15, 2009

The irreligious religious right

The Religious Right, which is essentially irreligious and wrong about most everything, wants a name change.

They've come to the conclusion that they have become the pariahs of American society. Nobody loves them anymore! [I wish!] says certain conservative "evangelicals" want to shed their designation as members of the "religious right."

Gary Bauer, for example, the christianist wingnut of American Values, whines that "It amazes me how often in public discourse really pejorative phrases are used, like the 'American Taliban,' 'fundamentalists,' Christian fascists,' and 'extreme Religious Right.'"

Why the hell would that "amaze" him. All those descriptions fit perfectly!

Another character from Focus on the Family is worried that phrases like "Religious Right" and "fundamentalists" carry a negative connotation.

You think?

Richard Land, the extremist, religious right, talibanic, fundamentalist, christianist wingnut, who heads up the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, says that "Until Tony Perkins or Jim Dobson puts a pistol on the table and threatens to kill someone, they shouldn't be called ayatollah of the Right or the Jihadists of the Right."

Ah, but Mr. Land, that's exactly what they do, every day! Well, not literally, but through their words and actions they threaten to kill love between people, tolerance for other religious views, and work to enforce their particular fundamentalist, talibanic religious beliefs on everyone in the country!

The trouble is, you see, that all of these phrases are perfectly apt descriptions of the Religious Right. There may be differences between members of the Religious Right, but on the "big" issues, they chant in concert, "Our will be done!"

They are demagogues, and are very much like the Afghani Taliban in their attempts to make their theological positions the law of the land.

So, there really isn't any point in calling them something different? What would we call them?

Oh, we could call them the "Irreligious Right." Most of these clowns claim to be Christians, but they don't seem to understand the message of the Jewish rabbi they profess to follow. They think he was a Repugnican!


Bob Poris said...

They are frequently unwilling to allow others to not believe as they do. They are not correct in the history of the US as being a Christian nation. The fact that the majority were nominally Christian did not make us a Christian nation. Our constitution was designed to accept non Christians and to allow any variety of religious thought as long as it did not interfere with others freedom or ability to dissent. They do wish to enforce their views upon all others. They are like the Taliban or the mullahs of many Muslim nations in that regard. They are not willing to keep church and state separate as the founding fathers deliberately made our constitution do and have been backed up by our Supreme Court over the years. They want majority rule rather than protection of minorities and those that do not accept their views.

Jim said...

Having spent time deep in the inner recesses of the sewer that is fundamentalist Xianity, I can attest that the behavior of most of these religious hucksters is so far from the teachings of Jesus, as to be laughable.

Amazingly, even though it's been 20 years since I put away my bible and my studies in theology, I never ever lose an argument with dimwitted right-wing religious types. What usually happens is they turn away in huff and stalk off, because they can't take the heat and face the scrutiny of actually being held to the standards that Jesus taught, i.e. love and tolerance of others.

I'm so thankful that the culture of hate perpetuated by our former president, a follower of Jesus himself, has been replaced by a man that practices a more tolerant and open version of Xianity. Of course, the right-wing haters don't consider Mr. Obama a Xian, because he doesn't pass their narrow litmus test of credibility.

Jacob said...

Thanks for a great comment, Jim. I checked out your blogs and read your post dealing with Harry Hopkins. Excellent work and you are right in noting parallels with our situation today.

It's fascinating that the right wing continues to spew the same old crap now as they did back then. In fact, I know many people who have yet to accept that FDR's legacy is a good thing - who still believe we'd be better off without the WPA, Social Security, etc.

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