Tuesday, February 17, 2009

John McCain and generational theft

John McCain, poor man, is probably a bit senile. He just can't seem to remember the last eight years when for the most part he gave his willing support to the "almost worst president in history" whose policies have damn near destroyed our country.

Financially, it would hard to find a president with less talent and more ability for screwing up than George W. Bush. But old McCain was right there the whole time, backing him up. Yup, tax cuts and more tax cuts - well, for the rich. That's what we need - so's the rich will stop buying yachts and houses in Cannes and will put up factories right here in the good ol' U.S. of A. where they will hire American workers at a fair wage and produce wonderful products that everyone around the world will rush to buy, and won't it be wonderful, all this trickle-down shit?

Not so. Just didn't seem to work out that way. They took their factories overseas, hired locals and paid them a pittance, hid their shenanigans and profits in off-shore banks and the rest of us got screwed!

But ol' John's still tooting that same horn, still riding that same bandwagon, still just as full of crap as a Christmas goose.

Obama did not include Republicans in writing the stimulus bill, whines old John. Really? Sheesh, then how were Republican freaks able to remove several key items from that bill which will result in the loss of thousands of jobs. Or is John thinking of other ways the Republicans could have "helped"?

It's a damn good thing that the Republicans were not more involved! We would have ended up with more tax cuts for the rich, and nothing for anyone else. In fact, the Republican-sponsored alternative "stimulus bills" had nothing but tax cuts for the rich!

John, in a fit of senile jealous rage, claimed Obama is off to a bad start. It [the stimulus bill] was a bad beginning to his presidency." The stimulus bill will leave us with big, bad debt - "generational theft," he called it. Wonder what he calls the trillions wasted by Bush on wars and payoffs to his corporate buddies?

Obama promised to "sit down together," and cries ol' John, we didn't do that.

So what would John have us do?

"Let's start over now and sit down together."

Heh. Heh.

I wonder if he knows that Obama's signing the bill today?

Too little, too dumb and too late -- one more time, John! Maybe it's time to retire to one of your 16 homes. If you can remember where the hell they are!


Jim said...

McCain makes me want to throw up! This faux maverick, who talks a good game of bipartisanship, but seems to have conveniently forgotten how to do it in a case of sour grapes. Since the election, he been showing his true anti-maverick colors, acting just like the right-wing water carrier that he always has been.

Nice post on the real John McCain, not the McCain as perpetual presidential candidate.

Truth is important in these times, if nothing more than to counter the constant misinformation coming from the right--like the current sound in my right ear, as I'm trying to get through a few more minutes of right-wing idiot, Glenn Beck's program. Occasionally, I try to listen to the enemy, as my contribution to the cause. He's doing his usual routine of spreading fear and hate, channeling 1950s John Birch Society rhetoric.

Jacob said...

Thanks, Jim, for the comment. Appreciate it much!

It's pretty hard to listen to Glenn Beck. Actually, I think he's probably certifiable.

Best wishes on your writing in Maine!

Bob Poris said...

Trickle down did not create many jobs in the USA. If it had, we would not be in the situation we are now in. Wages went down; jobs were lost or out sourced; funds went overseas, etc. It did not work! It is time to try other ideas. The Republicans can offer them or decide to play games. Look at y0ur net worth today and compare it with the previous eight years. Did trickle down work for you? Are you better off or worse off?

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