Thursday, February 12, 2009

Eric Cantor's profane anti-union video

When the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, in conjunction with Americans United for Change, began running ads blasting the House Minority Whip, Eric Cantor (R-VA) for leading Republican opposition to the stimulus package, Cantor responded by dredging up a profane video which portrays "AFSCME workers as curse-spewing bullies."

Brad Woodhouse, President of Americans United for Change, had a few pertinent things to say:

"Does Eric Cantor believe that peddling profanity-laced filth around the Internet is consistent with the values of the people of Virgina or the country? This is childish, inappropriate and disgusting behavior from someone who is supposed to be a leader in Congress and a role model to others. ... This video has been floating around on YouTube for years - but Eric Cantor's use of it in this context shows how completely and utterly out of touch he is with the current economic crisis and the lives of his constituents. Eric Cantor should be ashamed and he should apologize."

Yup. But this really isn't surprising behavior for a Repugnican.

[Beware, this video contains much profanity and vulgar language.]

Read the entire post at Alternet here.

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Bob Poris said...

Eric Cantor is the leader that said he had voted against the first attempt to do something, because Nancy Pelosi had been mean to him. He is a smirking, wimp and should be removed from his role as spokesman for his party.

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