Sunday, February 8, 2009

Christianist chicanery in Alaska

[Image of Alaska State Capitol by Leoville]

Sean Cockerham at the Anchorage Daily News tells of some christianist chicanery goings on in Alaska.

Get this: Six Repugnican nogoodniks in the Alaska Legislature "hired" a bunch of christianist lawyers to try to STOP their legislature from LOOKING INTO whether or not Sarah Palin was GUILTY of acting improperly.

Why would they do that? There can be only one reason. They knew good and goddamn well she was guilty as hell!

But, the christianist legal beagles were from the Liberty Legal Institute, a christianist outfit tied to the Free Market Foundation, which is "associated with evangelical leader James Dobson's Focus on the Family, and lists its guiding principles as limited government and promotion of Judeo-Christian values."

Hmm. Something stinks! Could it be that the theocrats are willing to put up just about any amount of money and do just about any devious thing to protect their god-given candidate for president, Sarah Palin?

God was in heaven at the moment, though, for these Repugnican nogoodniks lost when the case was dismissed, as you know. And it turns out all this foolishness cost Liberty Legal (and 2 other firms working with Liberty Legal) $185,000! Yeah!

But why is it that christianists so often prefer darkness rather than light?

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Bob Poris said...

Because, like the Taliban, they do not believe in democracy or equality.

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