Thursday, February 12, 2009

Stephen Wise the unwise anti-evolutionist

Stephen Wise is a Repugnican Florida State Senator from Jacksonville. He's a fan of the non-intelligent nonsense, Intelligent Design. He's introduced a bill into the Florida legislature which would require Florida teachers to "discuss the idea of Intelligent Design."

Why, again, you ask, can't these christianists leave their religion in their churches?

To show you just how unwise (read ignorant) this Repug is, consider this statement: "If you're going to teach evolution, then you have to teach the other side so you can have critical thinking."

Yup. He'd probably agree with the notion that if you're going to teach astronomy, then you have to teach astrology - you know, the "other side" in order to have critical thinking.

Obviously Senator Wise doesn't know critical thinking from a critical coma.

There is no "other" side when it comes to evolution. The theory of evolution is the ONLY scientific theory that explains the origins of life and is THE theory upon which all biological science is based! Intelligent Design, which is essentially nothing more than Creationism in a new dress, is not science at all, but religion.

Religion does not belong in the science classroom!

As a judge said in 2005 when the courts barred a Pennsylvania school district from teaching Intelligent Design: The attempt to introduce ID into the schools was an example of "breaktaking inanity." He said further that the evidence was overwhelming - ID is a "religious view," and not scientific.

So, Senator Wise, in his profound ignorance, is raising this whole stupid issue again, and it may even end up in the courts which will cost the State of Florida gobs of money and if it passes, will do nothing more than confuse our already confused public school students.

Perhaps Senator Wise could go back to school. Perhaps he could study evolution. Perhaps he would find out that some humans have evolved less than others - most of whom are now Republican politicians.

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Bob Poris said...

They will never stop apparently. They do not accept the separation of church and state. I hope Scientology does not get into this debate too. They might win the right to teach their theory in the schools, along with Islam, Judaism, etc.

Should the schools also teach atheism, as that is the other side of belief? What if atheists, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, etc also seek equal time and decide to sue or push for their viewpoint to be taught?

Where does it end?

Tommy Korioth said...

Bob, It ends with me teaching the holy word of the flying spaghetti monster to the pope's illegitimate gay children.

You've got it right. These wing-nuts would rather spend the school district's money on lawsuits that give their children an education. It's nothing more than laziness on the part of the Christianists. If they want their child brainwashed they must do it themselves.

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