Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Centrists" in Congress. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

This from the Rude Pundit at walled-in-pond.

Repugnican "class warfare."

The so-called "centrists" had no problem supporting:

1. AIG bailout - c. $85 million
2. Citibank bailout - c. $45 billion
3. Bank of America bailout - c. $45 billion (with guarantees on $118 billion in loans)
4. Bush overpayment of $78 billion for bailed-out bank assests.

The so-called "centrists" couldn't find it in their heart to support the following stimulus bill items:

1. Head Start - $1 billion
2. Funds to cover state education shortfalls - $24.8 billion
3. Additional funding for state education - $15 billion
4. Child Development Block Grants - $2 billion
5. Programs in the Violence Against Woman Act - $150 million

Hypocrisy really "R" Repugnicans.

Walled-in-Pond has more here.


Bob Poris said...

They have their constituents to protect, obviously. Maybe they have a financial stake in doing nothing. Who knows? While they stall, millions more have lost homes, jobs or net worth from retirement funds. They get paid and their retirement is secure.

I do not know if Obama’s plans will work, but I do know, trickle down didn’t and won’t. We have lost too much time, when the results were known. Now we have to wait for the final version of the bill to be passed. I trust all those against it can afford to sit around. No other plans, good, bad or indifferent, are in the works. I agree with Biden, but if 70% works, it will be a beginning and will indicate how to cure the 30% that doesn’t work. That’s a gamble most businessmen would take if the stakes are high. Doing nothing will lead to further trouble.

Maybe Government workers and elected people should have their income tied to some achievement goals, so they will pay closer attention to solving problems.

Denise said...

Very interesting.

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