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Magic, the devil, and Fr. Thomas Euteneuer

The devil, demons and magic are big in the Roman Catholic Church. Always have been.

That's why the RC Church "authorizes" certain priestly types to conduct rituals which, through the use of magic, will exorcise the devil and demons from people an places.

One such authoritzed exorcist is Father Thomas Euteneuer, president of an outfit called "Human Life International." According to an article in The Bulletin, Father Euteneuer "is an exorcist authorized to perform exorcisms in several states."


The Rev. Euteneuer was a speaker at a recent luncheon of In His Sign Network (IHS). Some of the folks attending brought salt with them so that Father could bless them to ward off demons. Which he did.

Father Euteneuer believes that the devil is behind and in and through the "abortion industry." I wonder if the abortion industry is anything like the magic religion industry? Anyway, Father Euteneuer told The Bulletin:

"Abortion is a demonic industry. Abortion is blood sacrifice of innocent blood to the devil. The clinics are like temples, the doctors are like priests, the medical table is their altar. It's a ritualized sacrifice. They have a dogma called choice, a hierarchy called Planned Parenthood, and guardian angels in the form of police guards that will arrest you if you try to stop them."


Wait. Father also said that some abortionists have called abortion their "sacrament."

[I think that's bullshit!]

Would a priest lie? You betcha!

How to deal with this terrible demonic industry which is just like the Catholic Church except for the object of its affections?

'Tis a spiritual evil, says Father Euteneuer, so we gotta pray. We can't fight the devil by political means alone, we've gotta use our spiritual weapons. Pray, pray, pray ... "you need a massive amount of prayer."

Yup. And lots of magic.

You can read the entire article here. The IHS site is here.


Bob Poris said...

It is hard to believe that people accept this theory and reject Darwin’s. The Devil is behind anything they do not agree with, it seems. How simple it is to believe that! Other than prayer, there is no way to stop the Devil. How can ordinary people win such a battle? Prayer has not stopped abortion anywhere on earth for centuries. It has not stopped violence, murder, wars, rape, poverty, disease, genocide, etc. What has God been doing all those years to answer the prayers of the victims? Could it be that the wrong prayers have been addressed to the wrong source or in the wrong languages?

Who knows the answers?

Jacob said...

What's even harder to believe, Bob, is that people reject the theory of evolution in spite of the fact it has been tested over and over again and is proven as the ONLY SCIENTIFIC explanation of change over time, e.g. natural selection.

Demon possession does not exist scientifically and cannot be tested or proven, and thus fails at every level as a theory to explain anything.

In other words, while evolution is a proven theory; demon possession is a religious interpretation of unusual behavior. It is not a theory. It cannot be demonstrated that demons exist so demon possession and exorcism are part of a larger spiritual farce.

That's why the Roman Church has to use magic - you know, salt, and incantations, and mumbo-jumbo.

But, I guess exorcists need a job, too.

Anonymous said...

A couple in our city had a house in which objects would move. They called their local BAptist assistant pastor who came and prayed. Things continued to move. They called the pastor....things still continued to move. The Baptist pastor told them to call a Catholic priest. The newly ordained Catholic priest said that he would be glad to come to their house. Upon arrival at the home, the priest found the entire family outside nearly hysterical. The house had begun shaking so fiercely that thought it would collapse so they ran outside. The priest took them all back inside. He accepted the offer for a glass of water. When he sat it down, the glass began to move around the coffee table as if it had wheels. The priest commanded the evil spirit to leave. It left. The family said they could immediately sense the difference. The priest told them if they ever had any trouble to call him. He refused the money they offered him. The priest involved in this story told this story at a small meeting of parishioners. I was present. Tonight, I was listening to Fr. Thomas Euteneuer on the Catholic TV station called EWTN. He was asked what things he has heard satan say. The thing I remember is satan said as he was being commanded to leave a person, "I hate Catholic priests." The amount of venom and hatred in the comments in the above article and the comment posts makes me think a lot of people hate Catholic priests probably because priests are God's light shining into the darkness of our souls which is difficult to face. God will set us free through His Son, Jesus, if we just ask. He came to bring us into the light. Just ask.

SC Phelan said...

Sure, and some Darwinists believe that rape is the natural (i.e. best) form of copulation (Moreover, Thornhill and Palmer - Berkeley, 2000) and we need to get over our hangups about rape. So aren't all Darwinists rapists or rape supporters?

Of course not, but to read your idiotic misrepresentations of what the Church teaches about evolution, you don't seem to be above such willful idiocy.

Better to say, "I hate Catholics and their Church, therefore I will not even try to understand their beliefs. Maybe, then, I should reserve judgment."

Anonymous said...

Exorcism is not a form of magic. Nor does the church profess magic. As a matter of fact it has alot to say against magic. I understand you have issues with the church, you accuse Priests of lying, yet do you understand you are lying as well? Within the context of this writing.

Abortion is murder. Whether you want to believe that or not is your choice. Every day woman are murdering their own souls by participating in abortion. I write from experience. Beyond the fact that a child is killed. It maimes both. Why do men write about abortion when they have no concept of what it is like and never will.

Research a bit more perhaps? There are some new books out on exorcism. Before you attempt to blast a good Priest who has an excellent understanding of the spiritual battle between good and evil. God Bless~~

John said...

Fr. Tom is not an official exorcist, he is self proclaimed. A real exorcist called his diocese of Palm Beach when he was to give a talk in his diocese. They discovered that he has never been assigned such a role. How does he continue to get this recognition? He does not believe he will get caught because he has it so highlighted and being a catholic priest who will question him?

Mary said...

You will all find out there is a devil, and know he is real, when you die and meet him face to face, if you do not stop your evil ways.

Jacob said...

Hi Mary,

Thanks for writing. I'm quite sure there is no Devil, but I know there are many devils; in fact I've met a number of them...they were all wearing a Roman collar and working for the RC Church!

How do I know the were devils? Well, they raped little boys and little girls and nuns, too. Then, other "higher ups" wearing Roman collars and red dresses - one was even called the Pope - hid their devilish doings and protected them so they could rape more innocents.

Hail Mary. Mary!

MOstrowski said...

They are not "ALL wearing a Roman collar....". That is 2% of priests (which is too many)--but do you know that there are more Protestant Pastors and married men who are Pedophiles than any of these misguided sad souls in the priesthood?! The job of a priest is very taxing physically and mentally. The priests my husband and I have worked alongside work 24/7 - have gone to the ER at any time of the day /night (3:00am, etc) when called to anoint someone who is dying. They work tirelessly for Christ. They are Holy men who are future thinking and well-grounded on earth and understand that they are in a spiritual battle. They have given us solid spiritual direction. They are not perfect; they have their foibles -- which they are very aware of. The closer one is to Christ the more glaring one's foibles are seen. May Christ open your eyes to the painful Cross that Catholic Priests and the Pope bear on this day. Judgment is soon.

liberal catholic said...

Went to school with the exorcist- he was "different" then too

Teófilo de Jesús said...

Fr. Euteneuer documented in his book the place, the date, and the person who said that abortion was a "sacrament" for proaborts. Perhaps you should have read the book.


VA Prolifer said...

I stumbled upon this article when doing a search for father Tom and Exorcism on Google. In reviewing the comments, I must ask, at this point in time, does the word "secular" now simply mean "atheist"?
In looking at what was written here, I hasten to point out that any Catholic priest is authorized to bless things - candles, statues, etc. - given that the intention is a beneficial one, and with the exception of sacramentals, the item in question is not going to be discarded. i am sure they have lots of rules about this sort of thing... I am also very sure that the good father never stated he himself was an exorcist, but mainly pointed out like so many, many others the evil and demonic nature of the infanticide called abortion. Is this "magic"? If one is a believing Catholic, no. If one is an atheist, a person outside looking in, it may seem so -- just as to Christians in Spain, Jewish rituals seemd odd or foreign when they were of the best intentions. I should also point out that the New Testament empowers believers to dispel demons and provides instructions -- however this spiritual warfare is dangerous for most of us, and we should call upon the real experts for help. As a Catholic, I can even baptize people if circumstances warrant.
Despite that I disagree with the main thesis here, I enjoyed many of the comments.
The (Catholic) Church and the Catholic believer really do not care all so much what recipe God used when He created the world, as much as we believe He created it. Modern science however parallels much of the story of Genesis in the sequence of events, in ways that are so fantastic that it boggles the imagination, and there is much we still do not know. So if you were God and trying to explain it, how would you do that? People watching this developments would have noted how often the Vatican has published commentaries on science. John Paul II thought that pre-modern humans had souls.
If one is a believer, one's outlook is shaped by the fact that there is a God, and the commandments are to be obeyed. Murdering an innocent human life is unconscionable, both because it is prohibited (against God's explicit commandment), and because Man is made in God's image.
If one does not believe in God AND wishes to remake society in another mold where anything goes, then one must get rid of God. Hatred for the Church seems to coincide with folks who prefer same-sex marriage, abortion, socialism, and many other things.
Ridicule Father Tom if you wish, but I am sure he feels the better for it. After all, Jesus Christ was crucified. His believers can only expect much of the same treatment. The challenge is not to respond with anger, and to do just what one of your posters said -- ask God to help and let Jesus into your life.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Fr. Tom would feel better for people ridiculing him. Now that we read how he lashed out at those who called him on the carpet for his own abuse of women on whom he was supposedly performing exorcisms, I think it's pretty obvious this priest doesn't appreciate any kind of criticism whatsoever.

In any event, it seems pretty apparent that this guy is a charlatan. And I'm a pro-life Catholic, but I'm a pro-life Catholic who believes in calling a spade and spade. Wolves in sheeps clothing abound, and this priest has caused an incredible amount of damagne with his egregious mistreatment of women in his care. If he were a doctor or a therapist, he'd have his license removed and be facing criminal prosecution for his misdeeds.

But since he's a Catholic priest, his ardent supporters have been out there proclaiming that the fact that this man committed evil acts against the spiritually and mentally tormented is proof of just how holy he was (by that logic, Hitler and others like him must have been the holiest people in history). The greatest scandal of all is the minimizing of gross misconduct and abuse that goes on when a celebrity priest such as this is outed for the perpetrator he really is.

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