Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Norm Coleman, godly corruption

Norm Coleman, embattled former U.S. Senator, is now claiming the backing of Yahweh or some god like him.

According to Smart Politics, Coleman sat for an interview with Mike Gallagher, Gallagher being defined much too nicely as "an unyielding fiscal and religious conservative." A more correct description would be rabid, right wingnut.

Coleman was asked about the stimulus package and responded by saying he would not sign it, which is par for the course.

Then Gallagher asked Coleman how the recount was "affecting him personally," the implication being that those damn Democrats are running poor Norm into the ground with their uncalled for and egregious demands to recount ballots when everyone knows Norm should be the winner.

"Coleman said he starts every day with a prayer and that he knows 'God wants me to serve.'"

Heh. Heh.

Coleman is Jewish, and Franken is Jewish. How does Coleman know that Yahweh prefers him over Franken. I'd guess it was the opposite. I mean we know Yahweh has one hell of a sense of humor, which would pretty much sew up things for Franken, if ya know what I mean.

Furthermore, if Yahweh was rooting for Coleman, why didn't he simply arrange the votes to go Coleman's way in the first place like he usually does for Republicans when there's a question as to whether a Repub or a Dem actually got elected?

I don't get it.

Maybe Coleman is just full of bullshit. Some think he's very corrupt; click here. Others think he's a weasel; click here. A few think he's "exceptional"; click here. Click here to find out what some Jewish folks think.

And, if you're worried about Norm losing his Senate seat, well, he's already go a new job; he's working for the Jewish Republicans! Click here.

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Bob Poris said...

I don’t care if Coleman is Jewish or anything. Whatever he is, he stinks. When he thought he had won, he told Franken to concede and gave all the nice platitudes as to why it was the right thing to do. As soon as it looked like he could lose, he decided to sue.

He is not honest and doesn’t have the interests of his state in his mind.

I agree with Jacob that God could have decided this easily, so I assume God doesn’t follow our politics, anymore than He does our sports.

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