Monday, February 9, 2009

Mailbox evangelism in Aiken, South Carolina

It seems one of those damnable "activisit" federal judges done denied the state of South Carolina the privilege of placing the words, "I Believe," on the state's vehicle license plates. Something about separation of church or state, I think.

Well, let me tell ya, that got Scot Newcom truly pissed off, Scot being a good christianist and all. Now Scot also happens to be the circulation director of The Aiken Standard right there in Aiken, South Carolina.

So, he got the idea from somewhere that he ought to put together newspaper boxes with the words, "I Believe" on them which good christianist folks could put up in front of their houses. Scot is such a good christianist he'd rather advertise his faith than his newspaper, so "I Believe" is where the newspaper's name would normally be.

Newcom says, righteously, that Christian people should have the right to share their faith with others.

[Nobody said they couldn't do that, of course; just that they couldn't do it on state license plates, which seems reasonable to most sane people.]

Anyway, if y'all live in Aiken and are achin' to get in on this christianist mailbox evangelism, just call up ol' Scot and tell him y'all want one of them mailboxes and send him a check for just $13 buckeroos and your all set!


Bob Poris said...

Once again, I wonder why some people believe their views must be accepted by all others. To prevent that, the founding fathers insisted upon a strict separation of church and state. Without that, we would probably not have Catholics, Jews, Mormons, Hindus, Muslims, agnostics , atheists and many others contributing to our culture! I guess we should remove all the Crescents and Jewish stars from Arlington Cemetery and go back, not many years, to banning non Christians from voting, serving, etc. Look up the date when Jews were able to vote in a few states as late as the 1920’s. Then look up George Washington’s letter thanking the Jewish population for their contributions to the efforts to become a separate nation.

Frankly I am getting tired of the Taliban views of some that write to this blog. They are entitled to their views BUT NOT TO MAKE THEM MANDATORY TO ANYONE THAT PREFERS TO THINK FOR THEMSELVES UNDER THE Constitution and the laws of the land.

Bigotry and discrimination are not Christian values nor are they American values. Religion should stay in your minds, your church, your church school, and out of our laws!

Tommy Korioth said...

And Mailbox baseball season is officially open. I believe mailboxes are a triple.

Anonymous said...

I know Scott Newcom, and believe me he is the stereotypical hypocritical Christian.

Being that Scott Newcom is the circulation director and out to make money is it any wonder that he would also use God in order to make money as well as a so-called "I am a Christian" statement?

However, as far as I know these "I believe" newspaper boxes aren't popping up everywhere in Aiken. Maybe Mr. Newcom should try a new slogan for his newspaper boxes. I mean, in for a penny, in for a pound; perhaps a better catchphrase for Mr. Newcom to use would be: The Truth is Out There. (Or the box should read "The Truth is in Here"). The bottom line is though, Mr. Newcom would not know "truth" if it slapped him in the face, much less know what a real Christian is.

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