Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Whoopi goes after Coulter

On the View yesterday, Whoopi Goldberg questioned Coulter on her "single-mother" theory that suggests single mothers are responsible for most of the nastiness in the world, all because they can't keep their legs crossed.

Whoopi, being a single mother, thinks Coulter is out of her mind. Coulter responds with statistics, conspiracy theories and other bullshit. The evil emanated by this woman is palpable.

It bothers me that Coulter was invited to be on the View in the first place. Who did that? Why give this most vulgar specimen of humanity more publicity?

Obviously, she was invited to create controversy; the more controvery the more viewers.

Just another example of the sucking swamp into which most TV programming is disappearing.

The clip's over 8 minutes, but probably interesting enough to keep your attention.


peter webster said...

It's about audience and ratings, not about politics or anything else. The bigger the audience the more they can charge for commercials.

Jacob said...

Peter. I think you're right, and that most of the "infighting" is staged. That doesn't diminish the fact that Coulter is one of the saddest specimens of the human race we've got in this country.

Thanks for writing.

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