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Update on Paul Broun, the baffled bozo from Georgia

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We've written about Rep. Paul Broun, the wingnut from Georgia on a couple of occasions. You may recall he introduced a bill in Congress that would prohibit the sale of "pornography" (e.g. Playboy and Penthouse) on military bases in order to protect the minds and morals of our young fighting men and women.

Broun, a typical Repugnican sleazebag, also voted against SCHIP (providing health care for children).

You'll also remember that he's one of the three morons who went to the Capitol the other day to anoint the doorway through which Obama will pass on his inauguration, during which time he prayed that God would "stir the heart of our new president that President Obama will listen and will heed God's direction."

And who better to tell us what God's "direction" is than Paul Broun.

Here's a couple of things from digby that I hadn't known:

1. About a week after Obama's election, Broun commented that by calling for a national civilian security force, the President-elect had shown the world that he was a "radical Marxist Nazi socialist comparable to Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin."

Broun told the AP, "It may sound a bit crazy and offbase, but the thing is, he's the one who proposed this national security force. I'm just trying to bring attention to the fact that we may--may not, I hope not--but we may have a problem with that type of philosophy of radical socialism or Marxism. That's exactly what Hitler did in Nazi Germany and it's exactly what the Soviet Union did. When he's proposing to have a national security force that's answering to him, that is as strong as the U.S. military, he's showing me signs of being Marxist."

The man is certifiable! Do we not provide help for Congresspeople who are crazy?

2. While I am aware that Broun is a christianist wingnut, I didn't know how he became one. He "attributes his conservative transformation to the wonder working power of Jesus. Broun's born-again moment arrived in 1986, during the height of the Reagan Revolution, while he toiled as a doctor in rural Georgia, struggling to keep afloat during the first year of his marriage. He has suffered through several 'broken marriages and episodes of broken relationships and financial problems,' Broun recalled during a November 2007 speech on the House floor. While watching an NFL game, Broun became entranced by a 'gentleman with this big type of hair wig on' holding a 'John 3:16' sign. 'As I sat there in my office that fall trying to figure out life, I picked up the Bible and read John 3:16,' Broun said. He suddenly transformed into a true believer, a cadre of the Christian right."

(The guy with the wig was Rollen Stewart, "an evangelical fanatic" who found his way to numerous sporting events with his John 3:16 sign. At the present time, Stewart is "serving three consecutive sentences in jail on kidnapping charges as well as minor sentences for stink bomb attacks.")

Does Rollen Stewart bring to mind Tim Tebow? It should. And it should show us just how dangerous it is for football players like Tebow to paint Bible verses on their cheeks. A moron like Broun might be tempted to look up the verse and become an even bigger moron and get elected to Congress, and holy crap, what a mess that would be!

Check out digby's article here.

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