Monday, January 12, 2009

Bush a "consequential" president?

This is just too funny. Ross Mackenzie, who, before he retired, was an editor at the Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch, has an article at McClatchy in which he argues that "Bush may be [the] most consequential president since Reagan."

Hmmm. That is supposed to be a bonus for Bush, but who the hell still thinks Reagan was consequential, in a positive way, except for unreconstructed neocons and economic morons?

And if Bush was so "consequential," why this sentence: "The left and the media and the ever-expanding blogosphere, and of course the Democrats, never permitted George Bush to recover from the circumstances of his 2000 election.

"They deemed him unacceptable, accidental, illegitimate, likely a conniver in the national outcome - and so took to lobbing their hateful commentaries one after another without end."

Isn't that sad? The fact is that Bush was and is "unacceptable, accidental, illegitimate," and "a conniver in the national outcome [in 2000]."

So, exactly how is Bush "consequential? Well, in spite of the media, the Democrats, and that damned "blogosphere," da man Bush "persevered and prevailed." Yup, he shore did. Well, he made mistakes, says Mackenzie, but after 9/11 "no subsequent domestic jihadist strike ensued."

Oh, and then there's Iraq, where we are, claims Mackenzie, "approaching victory." Heh. Heh.

And Georgie boy was "resolute," and "true to his values, to his nation, and to mankind's ultimate cause."

Right. Well, except for shredding the constitition, the economic depression, instigating a class war in the U.S., a preemptive war with millions dead and crippled, massive instability around the globe, and an increasing terrorist threat, etc.

It gets worse. Mackenzie, living in some twilight zone, actually writes that "Bush was correct about Social Security, despite a spineless, risk-averse Congress unwilling to get its game together."

Let's see. If Bush had privatized Social Security, millions of people just like me would be standing in the bread lines looking for handouts. Thank the gods for that "spineless, risk-averse Congress"!

Oh, there's so much more of this garbage. And you'll love the way Mackenzie ends his piece. A priceless bit of buffoonery and chutzpah, totally unrelated to any reality.

We'd say Bush was "consequential," all right, but only those a million light years away from sanity would conclude that's a good thing.

Maybe it's the water in Virginia?

You can read the whole mess here.

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