Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Roger Wicker the loose wingnut

Roger Wicker, a Repugnican, remains a Senator from Mississippi by virtue beating his Democratic challenger, Ronnie Musgrove on November 4.

That, it seems, gives him authority to speak with authority about other elections. Thus, he says the Norm Coleman is a clear winner in Minnesota, and the fact that Al Franken won the recount is due to voter fraud.

What Wicker knows about this is unknown, but he pontificated as only a blowhard wingnut can pontificate, that "The only way that Franken has this 220-vote lead or so is double-counting of votes, not counting some others, counting absentee ballots under one standard in heavily Democratic areas, and not counting them under another standard in heavily Republican areas."

Yup. That's what he said; in spite of the fact that the recount was conducted under bi-partisan auspices authorized by both camps.

Wicker says this fight for the Senate will end up in the hands of the Minnesota Supreme Court which he hopes will "do the right thing," and "if they call it straight and fair with standard criteria across the board, Coleman will win."

'Course Minnesota is a liberal state, so who knows.

If Minnesota's so "liberal," how did a kooky rightwingnut like Coleman get elected in the first place?

The hypocrisy of these Repugnican freaks is astounding. Where was Wicker when the Bushes stole the 2000 election and when they robbed Kerry of his rightful votes in Ohio in 2004?

Roger Wicker, a member of the House of Representatives, was appointed to the Senate after Trent Lott resigned. He's pretty much a carbon copy of Lott, which tells you a lot. He's a lawyer (naturally), of the moneyed corporate class, and a Southern Baptist who teaches Sunday School.

Here are a few facts about Wicker's voting record:


Wants a law to declare human life begins at conception.
No embryonic stem-cell research.
No abortions of any kind except in a partial birth abortion to save the mother's life.
No human cloning for reproduction & medical research.
Yes on funding for health providers who don't provide abortion information.
No on family planning aid overseas.
Yes on making the 14th amendment apply to pre-born fetuses.

Economy & Budget

No on regulating the subprime mortgage industry!
Yes on restricting bankruptcy rules.

Civil Rights

No on banning job discrimination based on sexual orientation.
Yes on Constitutionally defining marriage as between one man and one woman.
Yes to make the Patriot Act permanent.
Yes to Constitutional Amendment banning same-sex marriage.
Yes to "protect" the Pledge of Allegiance.
Yes to Constitutionally ban abuse of the American flag.
Yes to ban gay adoptions.


Yes on Bankruptcy Court overhaul requiring partial debt payment.
Yes on replacing illegal export tax breaks with $140 billion in new breaks.


Broaden use of the federal death penalty.
More prisons and more mandatory jail sentences.
No to expand services to assist offenders re-entering society.
No on maintaining writ of habeas corpus in death penalty appeals.
Yes to make federal death penalty appeals more difficult.

There's much more. Here's a brief summary:

Wicker supports prayer in the public schools, and is in favor of vouchers for private schools. He voted in favor of off-shore drilling and wants to drill ANWR. Overall, he is a huge supporter of the oil industry and the many tax breaks provided to that industry by the government. With regard to the environment, he is a typical Repugnican, who would "deauthorize" critical habitat for endangered species and support the dumping of nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain.

What makes him especially dangerous is his support of ill-conceived, anti-Constitutional measures instigated by the Bush administration. Thus, he says the FISA court need not provide a warrant to monitor US-to-foreign calls. FISA also is not needed for monitoring for wiretapping abroad. He supports electronic surveillance without a warrant, and intelligence gathering without civil oversight.

NO on raising the minimum wage!

This is the clown who says he is not looking forward to having "someone like" Al Franken in the U.S. Senate. "Nobody's [very excited] to have a loose cannon like Al Franken in the U.S. Senate," said this pompous, self-righteous windbag.

Actually, it would be much better for our country and the world as a whole if we had 100 Al Frankens and no loose wingnuts like Wicker in our U.S. Senate!

You can read all the nasty details of Wicker's voting record here.

Wicker's website is here.

Back in 1987, Wicker played the part of the criminal pickpocket Fagin, in the musical Oliver!. Here's a video of his performance with some text about how fitting it was, for ... "Roger Wicker knows something about picking a pocket or two."


Anonymous said...

Wicker eked out a win? Say what? He blew the doors off of a well-funded former Democrat governor. I guess facts are not really important in the midst of a good rant. Seems kinda....clownish.

Jacob said...

Oops, my bad! Sorry about that. I had heard it was close and simply failed to check the final results.

Facts are important.

The rest of the rant stands. And I do appreciate your pointing out my error! Thanks.



Tommy Korioth said...

What a slime-ball. Mark my words, Wicker's M.O. tells me he'll eventually be found with a hooker, a donkey, a little boy, a pile of cocaine and in a rubber suit. He's a train wreck waiting to happen

Bob Poris said...

Mississippi is proud of him. He will also work to reinstall slavery but wants to expand it to include Hispanics.

He is a good patriotic American.

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