Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sad sack Bush winding down 8 years of disaster

[Time photo that says it all. Poor, pitiful, pathetic George]

George W. Bush gave his last press conference yesterday, and that, like most everything he has touched, was also pretty much a disaster, with White House interns called in to fill empty seats and a only small splattering of applause as he exited the room.

When asked about his mistakes, this time he didn't say he couldn't recall any, as he done so famously before. He admitted to a few.

The "Mission Accomplished" sign was a mistake, said Bush. That fascinated me, because when critics attacked the White House for putting up the sign, the Bush administration denied they had anything to do with it and blamed the Navy. Another lie.

Katrina was difficult as he really didn't think many mistakes were made there. Thirty thousand were pulled off rooftops right away, he crowed. He didn't mention troops failed to show in New Orleans until two days after the storm! He didn't mention that the federal government did nothing for two days. He didn't mention Michael Brown and FEMA's failure to do anything for the first three days or that evacuation buses didn't arrive until much too late.

About the only thing he could come up with was that he should have landed Air Force One in either New Orleans or Baton Rouge, but decided against it because it would have created a problem for the police. That reeks of self-serving justification. He could have landed just about anywhere and helicoptered in. Instead, he flew off to cut birthday cake with John McCain and let New Orleans drown.

Bush spoke of "disappointments," like not finding WMD in Iraq and Abu Ghraib, but mistakes were minimal. Furthermore, he whined, "things didn't go according to plan."

Even in this first, mild attempt to revise his "legacy," Bush fails.

Watch below.

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