Friday, January 16, 2009

Barack Obama, betrayer of Christians, says Matt Barber

[Photo of Matt Barber, christianist hypocrite par excellence]

President-elect Barack Obama has betrayed Christians in America, according to the christianist wingnut Matt Barber of the rightwing, fundy outfit, Liberty Counsel.

Omigod! How has Obama betrayed Christians in America? you ask.

Well, it's quite simple. Obama pretends to be a Christian. Not only so, but he's invited three Christian clergy to invocate at his inauguration. One is a homophobic, rightwing fruitcake named Warren. Another is a respected veteran of the Civil Rights movement and considered to be a moderate. The final choice is a bishop in the Episcopal Church.

It's the latter that's the problem. Why would a bishop be a problem? Well, it seems this bishop is of a different sexual orientation than Matt Barber.

Here's what the loving Christ-like Barber has to say about his fellow Christians, Barack Obama, and Bishop Gene Robinson:

"It's a shame that our next president apparently has so little regard for his Christian constituents that he would give such a high place on honor to a self-styled man of God whose only claim to fame is that he abandoned his wife and children to enter, 'loudly and proudly, a sexually deviant lifestyle expressed condemned by the very Bible he's ironically called 'holy and sacred.'"

So, Robinson's a bad guy. Why? He's a homosexual. Barber, being a true christianist, does not mention that Robinson and his ex-wife, whom he divorced some 20 years ago, remain friends and that he is very close to his two adult daughters. Barber, being an asshat, doesn't mention that Robinson has lived in a loving and faithful relationship with his partner for 20 years. Barber, concerned more with christianist dogma than following his "savior," fails to note that Bishop Robinson lives an exemplary Christian life.

Barber exemplifies those self-righteous nasties who claim to know the mind of God and proceed to tear down other Christians as well as anyone else who doesn't agree with them.

If the legendary Jesus was anywhere near the truth when he spoke of hypocritical behavior on the part of the religious folks, it's not the Robinsons of the world who will be called to account for their ungodly behavior, it's the Barber's of the world!


GRAP said...

Asshat. That made me laugh. Haven't heard that one.
I won't completely disagree with you on this one. Because your right, I think Barber is a Hypocrite. But I believe both He and Robinson are. Because if Robinson claims to live by the word yet lives as the bible says a sinful lifestyle. Wouldn't he also be a hypocrite? Just looking at both sides of the coin here.
Also, Why is it you stick up for one man who "lives and exemplary Christian life" yet not for Warren who in my opinion also lives and exemplary Christian life. If Warren announced he was a homosexual today would that change your opinion of him? Just asking. Not trying to start any trouble.

Jacob said...

Okay GRAP...see, I don't think by any stretch of the imagination that Robinson is living a "sinful" lifestyle, any more than I would believe you wouldn't kill your children for not keeping the Sabbath. Fundies are totally wrong about homosexuality. Why, in god's name (heh, heh), would anyone give a rat's ass what ancient nomads who knew from nothing, especially loving relationships, have to say about loving relationships? We toss most of what they wrote because we know they haven't a clue.

Warren is a homophobic phony. Did you know that up until his invite to invocate he had a thingy on his church's website saying gays could not be members 'cause they were obviously godless. That's been taken down. Heh, heh.

Not only so, but his positions on abortion, contraception, among other things, would have been more relevant in the Middle Ages than today.

Warren's sexual orientation has nothing to do with anything. It's his "biblical" orientation that I have use for.

Have a great day, GARP!


Bob Poris said...

Can they quote the passages in the Bible that would back up their claims re homosexuals?

Jacob said...

"They" think so, but why would "they" care what the Bible says about this particular issue, when they ignore all kinds of biblical passages re: other issues? Can't cherry pick without getting into logical trouble!

Bob Poris said...

Can we get a good definition of leading a good Christian life? Our prisons are filled with Christians; priests, ministers, etc who were all good Christians until they got caught. Nazis attended church every Sunday, etc.

The words are meaningless. God will be the final judge. In the meantime, their actions will have to do for us mere mortals. Shakespeare said something about protesting too much. Wearing one’s piety on their sleeves is meaningless and suspicious.

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