Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mike Huckabee, Christian con artist

Mike Huckabee is smooth as a rat's ass. That's why he's so dangerous. His winsome, winning ways conceal an agenda loaded with the same Republican refuse that got us to this nadir in our history in the first place.

This Baptist preacher turned politico is nothing, if not devious, said deviousness covered by coats of smarmy varnish intended to twist you into thinking he's just one more good ol' boy who would make a wonderful prezident.

Huck has his own talk show now at FAUX News, where he blithers and blathers with the low and the mighty. Not a bad platform from which to launch a bid for the 2012 Republican nomination. While the support of FAUX News does not guarantee success, it ain't gonna hurt with the hoi polloi who know from nothing.

The former governor, preacher, politico also has a book out, called Do the Right Thing. Well, whadya think it would be called? He's a fundy preacher for chrissakes!

Do the right thing. Yes. Always. With Jesus' help.

According to an article by A. J. Jacobs in the latest issue of Esquire titled "The Laughing Man," Huck, in his book, "spells out his plan to fix the Republican Party. The short answer: Return to conservative moral values, including an emphasis on pro-life issues and a ban on gay marriage, and stop spending money like Democrats."

Aw, c'mon. That's the same old crap the Repugs have been spewing for years. Fortunately, it is exactly what the American people soundly rejected in our latest go around!

But watch out. We're gonna see more of this rumpled funny man who, as Jacobs says, is "so damn folksy and kind and self-deprecating that the liberal media ... just want to hug him." I don't know from the liberal media, but I have heard a lot of normal people feel that way.

Got to listen to what he says and what he doesn't say. And always remember, he's at heart a Baptist preacher, so watch your back.


Anonymous said...

Raised hell as a "60's" activist, helping to shut down Ohio U. We hated liberals.They ran when the tear gas and troops descended upon the campus. They moved when a black family moved next door. They were the original hypocrites. After a one-on-one confrontation with Jesus Christ, I now know I was just as blind and stupid as those whom I was hating. He changed my heart, took the blinders off, and showed me true change and life can only come from the Creator. God Bless you in your search for truth. He is patient.

Jacob said...

Ha, ha, ha, ha! Did you see the legendary Jesus standing before you? What did he look like? How tall was he? What exactly did he say? How could you understand him as he was speaking Aramaic?

What creator did he mention? Was it Zeus? Buddha? Dionysus? Zoroaster? Yahweh? When he spoke of the creator, did he speak in Hebrew?

Do you speak Aramaic or Hebrew? If not, how would you know what he was saying?

Or maybe like Paul, you had a vision of Christ and not Jesus?

Why were you wearing blinders? What are blinders? How did Jesus take them off?

How did this Jesus show you "true change and life can come only from the Creator."

Actually, from what I've read in the Bible, the "Creator," if you're referring to Yahweh, was not at all patient, and would kill someone in a second if they didn't jump to his absurd commands.

You're pretty funny to pretend to be so pious and religious and not have a freaking clue what you're talking about!

Don't you know that the legendary Jesus of the Gospels didn't exist?

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