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Creationist chicanery in Texas

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Onenewsnow, being a christianist right wingnut outfit, has no problem with stretching the truth or lying outright, especially for the purpose of giving credence to creationist lies.

For example, in an article discussing an upcoming vote by the Texas State Board of Education onenewsnow says this vote "will decide the fate of academic freedom in the Lone Star State."

That is a lie.

What the Texas SBE is considering is adding the teaching of creationism to the science curricula of Texas public schools. Creationism, itself, is a big lie!

But onenewsnow says that "Those in favor of academic freedom want teachers to be able to discuss both the strengths and weakness of evolution, which the other side wants any scientific critique of evolution censored in the classroom."

Talk about disengenuous! That sentence is an unmitigated falsehood. First of all, science teachers have always discussed evolutionary theory in all of its aspects, including whatever so-called "weaknesses" it might have. That has never been a problem.

What these fundamentalist idiots try to cover up with their pseudo-science is the fact that there is no scientific equivalent to evolution capable of describing the origin and development of life on this planet.

Creationism [or Intelligent Design] is a theological concept based upon a literal understanding of the first chapters of Genesis, and they can't even get that right, as there are two creation stories!

The Discovery Institute is behind this perversion; a bunch of rightwing fundy christianists attempting to impose their biblical nonsense upon unsuspecting students in Texas public schools. (This same thing is going on at this moment in a number of other states, also).

There is perhaps no bigger liar than Casey Luskin of the Discovery Institute (which is the font of creationism) who had the audacity to claim that "This is not about trying to push religion in the science classroom; this is not about pushing creationism or even scientific alternatives to evolution like intelligent design. This is simply about whether students are going to have the right and the academic freedom to learn about both the science that supports Darwin and the science that challenges Darwin."

Excuse me, Luskin, but you are full of bullshit! It's all about religion! It's all about pushing a biblical view of creation! It has nothing to do with academic freedom!

There is no "science" that challenges Darwin! You, sir, are a liar of the first magnitude and thus a violator of the Ten Commandments.

Luskin goes on to claim that "A number of scientific peer-reviewed journalistic publications exist that discuss scientific challenges to core aspects of modern Darwinian theory."

That, too, is unadulterated bullshit. Name one, Luskin! There are no scientific "peers" that perpetrate creationist nonsense or intelligent design! No scientific "peer" or "peer-reviewed journalistic publications promote creationism for creationism is a biblical concept, a theological delusion. Intelligent design, which is just another name for creationism, shares the same fate!

Unfortunately, these christianist creepos won't quit. It's going to take decent, science-respecting people in each state where evolution is attacked, to defang the fundamentalist snake-handlers promoting creationism.

Since the courts in Dover, Pennsylvania threw out the teaching of creationism/ID, it has actually become more difficult to fight the pseudo-scientists, because they have taken to hiding their deceit by pretending they are about "academic freedom," rather than admitting their true purpose which is always and forever to promote fundamentalist christianity's creationist delusions.

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Tommy Korioth said...


I love that you busted Luskin’s on that stupid quote:

"A number of scientific peer-reviewed journalistic publications exist that discuss scientific challenges to core aspects of modern Darwinian theory."

I’ve always loved how these nut-jobs invoke scientific review that never really exists. Is their position so tenuous that they must always lie so blatantly? Yes.

“Hi. I’m a scientist and my buddy, uh, Jeff is also a scientist because we have these cool looking lab coats. See, lab coats! We’re scientists! ”

I happen to have a doctorate in religion from the internet based Universal Life Church. A doctorate in religion from an unaccredited university is still a doctorate, isn’t it?


Dr. Tommy Korioth

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