Wednesday, October 22, 2008

You can't make up this by putting on new clothes

Sheesh! The elite are riding high, the cost of which is paid for by all those "Joe the plumbers" who donated to the Republican cause.

You and I are trying to figure out how to pay for enough gasoline to get to work -- if we still have a job; and we're wondering if we have to forgo our medication this month in order to eat or vice versa, and we can't figure out yet what to do with the light bill, and the kid's college tuition's coming due soon, and the car needs work, and the roof is leaking, and...

There's just not enough money...

Never you worry! The Palin/McCain ticket will solve all your problems by continuing the tax cuts for the very rich, which will allow us to be blessed by whatever trickles down.

Meanwhile, of course, the McCainiacs have a campaign to run and that's expensive these days, especially with the cost of makeup and clothes.

I mean, poor ol' pasty John had to pay Tifanie White, a makeup "artist" for "American Idol" $8,672.55 in September and $5,583.43 in August to try to make him look good for all those "real" Americans out there in the hinterlands.

But John was a piker compared to Sarah. She's got her own "traveling makeup artist," one Amy Strozzi who did the makeup for "So You Think You Can Dance." The McCain campaign paid Amy $13,200 last month to cover up Sarah's facial blemishes.

Ah, that's only the beginning. The Republican National Committee, dedicated to the election of the Palin/McCain ticket, shelled out over $150,000 to put new clothing on Sarah since McCain picked her as his running mate.

At Saks Fifth Avenue in St. Louis and New York, Sarah got $49,425.74 worth of stuff. After Sarah visited Neiman Marcus in Minneapolis a couple of times, the RNC was out another $75,062.63 in September.

Now, remember, Ms. Palin is just another "hockey mom," looking out for "Joe Six-pack." Think about that when you sit down to try to balance your checkbook and end up having to tell your pooch the poor thing ain't gonna eat today.

Something's trickling down, but it sure ain't anything we can spend!

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