Saturday, October 25, 2008

Obama's America circa 2012 by Dobson & Co.

Just when you think the extremist Christian right can't possibly sink any lower into the slime, a "Letter from 2012 in Obama's America" arrives on the Net.

The "letter" is a pretend look into the future after four years of an Obama presidency. It is written and published by James Dobson's Focus on the Family Action. FOFA is a separate corporation from Focus on the Family, so they can legally get by with this kind of bullshit.

Much of the letter is standard extremist Christian crap -- the Supreme Court will legalize gay marriage, and homosexuality will be taught to little bitty kids in the public schools, and abortion will also be legalized, and the poor Christians in America will lose their freedom to enact their hatefilled laws on all citizens.

The letter begins with a maudlin ode to the Star Spangled Banner, which the writer "can hardly sing ... any more." He/she just tears up and gets a lumpy throat when he/she hears those words about the land of the free and home of the brave!

For "true" Christies, things have gone downhill in four years. In 2012, the Supreme Court has been stacked with ultra-liberal, non-Christian judges who believe in making the law instead of interpreting the law.

That means same-sex marriage is OK everywhere. Oh, and the Boy Scouts have disbanded they were being forced to hire gay scoutmasters who had to sleep in tents with the young lads.

Elementary schools have been compelled to train their kiddos "in varieties of gender identity." Beginning in first grade! Christians can't home school anymore and they have no say in the public schools. Most "true" Christians have left the teaching profession. Can't say the Pledge of Allegiance any more, either; in fact, "under god" has been taken out of the pledge.

Adoption agencies are forced to place children with gay families. Business with government contracts have to hire gays. You can't say anything against gays on the air waves or from the pulpit or you might be put in jail!

Abortions are rampant since they've been made legal. Infants "can be killed outright just seconds before they [are] born." Doctors and nurses had fled the medical profession rather than be forced to participate in killing babies.

No more guns. No more home schooling.

Obama "has been reluctant to send our armed forces to any new overseas commitment." Al-Qaeda has taken over Iraq. The U.S. has suffered two terrorist attacks. Russia has invaded, occupied and re-taken "several Eastern European countries.

In Latin America, Prez. Obama has strengthened ties and trade agreements with commie nations.

Tel Aviv was mostly destroyed in a nuclear attack by Iran.

Health care is down the tubes because it's now run by the government and there are long waits for treatment. "Euthanasia is becoming more and more common."

Obama's tax policies made the deficit grow much larger and he spent so much money we couldn't afford to cut taxes. We have decreased production and increased inflation and unemployment.

Ah, hell, this goes on and on. What it does, I think, is show the depth of depravity of the Christian extremists. They will, literally, say and/or do just about anything to stop Obama from winning this election. Truth matters not at all. They claim Obama is not a "real" Christian because he believes that people might be able to come to god outside of the Christian faith. Hell, the Catholic church believes that!

This "letter" almost makes me believe in a devil. He or she couldn't do any more damage to our national well-being or to the character of the CHRISTIAN Barack Obama than this so-called "Christian" letter.

Evil is as evil does. Focus on the Family Action is evil.

If you wish to read it in its entirety, click here. (It is a PDF file)


Anonymous said...

Why is it necessary for these people to tell us what God wants., or how to do God’s work? Does God really need these self serving servants or bosses of God? I thought God did well in six days without the help of people. He created the people, the earth, etc and then rested. He is still busy, I would assume, improving things, perhaps making some changes, perhaps dropping some hints to those willing to understand the,; maybe He has more than the USA to take care of too. The only written note from God was written on tablets, by God and given to Moses. They were not in English, so I think it possible, He does not use English often. Since then, not a word, that we know of for sure. He did create, send,. allow a Son, thru Mary, a single Jewish teenager. I assume He had his reasons for that. Why can’t we assume, He is still busy doing His thing and He owes us no reasons or apologies. Allow God to do His thing as we are told to render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and to God, that which is God’s,.. I think He can find a way to get people to do his work if He wants to.
Bob Poris

Anonymous said...

Anoter self seving idiot that knows what God wants and must do. I thought God did ok without such "human" help from idiots.God seems to have infinite patience with such fools.

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