Sunday, October 19, 2008

The lies of the Florida Republican (Christian) Party

According to Joe Follick of the Star Banner's Tallahassee Bureau, hundreds of leaders of the Republican Party of Florida held their quarterly meeting yesterday at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort.

What ensued portrays once again the moral degradation that seems to typify most Republican organizations these days. It is truly a party without a soul. It is a party of predatory swine, feeding from the swill at the bottom of the trough.

Jeff Kottkamp, the Lt. Gov., told the poohbahs assembled that the Republicans would win in Florida, just like they always have. He said that the Republican Party stands "for faith, for family, for lower taxes and job creation, not the party that wants to raise taxes, to kill the economy."

He said that with a straight face!

Then Paul Senft, who hails from Polk County and is a national committee member, brought up the Rev. Jeremiah Wright - the guy that said "God damn America." McCain has studiously avoided any discussion of the Rev. Wright, and suggested that his minions do the same. (Evidently, McCain has lost control of the troops. And he wants to be "commander-in-chief"!)

Senft, believing that the Republican Party is the party blessed by God, and a true Christian party, went on to say, "I want you to pray hard between now and Nov. 4. I know that everybody in this room has not been in a church where the pastor said, 'God damn America.'"

How would he know that? Notice, too, that Mr. Senft conveniently "forgot" to mention that this is really old news and that Obama not only resigned from Wright's church but roundly condemned Mr. Wright's comments.

That's bad enough on the part of Senft. He wasn't done, though. Senator Obama's tax and health care plans are "Marxist," he said. "It's Marxist. It's communist. But let's just call it socialism."

Where, oh where, do these morons come from? These are Bush's people. These are the people that have controlled the government for eight years! These are the people who have run this country and the state of Florida into the ground.


And Mr. Senft, do you really believe that if you pray to your god she will help you win the election? Does your god commend your gutter-tactics and your lies and your character-assassination?

"Marxist?" "Communist?" "Socialism?"

You really ought to make up your mind, because those words all refer to different things. Marxism is one particular form of communism. Communism is a political system. Socialism is an economic system in which the government controls some of the economic engines that run the society.

Furthermore, the United States has always been "socialistic," at least in part. What do you think public schools are? What you think NASA is? What do you think Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are, if not "socialistic"? What about the Post Office? The military? The judicial system? The Interstate Highway system? The TVA? The Veteran's Administration?

You use those words to attack the character of a sitting U.S. Senator with whom you want to disagree but can't figure out how to go about it because you and your Republican friends don't even care enough to discover what it is you disagree with!

Furthermore, when you call upon your god to turn the election your way, you are connecting your political system to your religious beliefs which could lead, if you had your way, to some kind of a Christian United States, which was one thing of which the so-called "founding fathers" were deathly afraid!

You also debase your faith and your fellow citizens by pretending that your Christian god loves you and your Republican friends more than she does the other people of our land. If that is true, Mr. Senft, your god stinks to high heaven!

The Republican Party is dead! Long may it stay that way!

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