Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Missouri Connection - McCain and Danforth

When Barack Obama brought his campaign to Missouri, he was greeted by thousands of cheering supporters. At a rally held on the grounds of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, he broke the numbers record - 100,000 turned out to see him and listen to him speak.

Shortly thereafter, in a second Missouri location, another Obama rally drew 75,000 additional supporters, who gathered to listen to his vision for America.

And soon after that, John McCain turned up in Belton, Missouri, outside of Kansas City. About 6,000 people showed, to hear the usual, old tired schtick that McCain's keeps spewing about his record and bad, bad Obama.

For example, McCain, the liar, said that Obama has "begun meeting with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to plan tax increases and higher spending and 'concede defeat in Iraq.'"

But the ol' fart wasn't done: "I will never concede defeat, my friends. They forgot to let you decide. My friends, we've got 'em just where we want 'em."

Then McCain went on to St. Charles, Missouri, giving what STLtoday.com called "a rousing address before about 3,000 cheering supporters ... "

McSame, in St. Charles, whined about "the feminist left," and reiterated the nonsense that Obama "was untested and unprepared and would 'raise taxes, increase spending and concede defeat in Iraq."

Same old shit, different day!

Sadly, former Senator John Danforth, who represented Missouri in Congress for 18 years, seems to have bought into the McCain crap. Danforth is an Episcopal priest, and has been considered a moderate. No longer. He's become just another Republican liar and cheat. Thus, Danforth claimed that ACORN is not only intentionally turning in fraudulent voter registrations in Missouri but is one of McCain's political enemies. At the Belton rally, Danforth said "this is a campaign between John McCain and ACORN ... Sen. Obama says he's for change. He sure is. He's going to take this country in a direction we've never gone before in our history ... the economy's in a ditch and this guy's coming after us with a couple backhoes."

Most disappointing, though, to people of conscience, is that Danforth has turned out to be as corruptible as the rest of the Republican poohbahs. Back in 2006, he was promoting a new book in which he wrote that the religious right was a divisive force in the United States and had turned the GOP into a sectarian party.

In the past, Danforth has actively sought to legalize embryonic stem cell research, and favored government recognition of "committed same-sex partnerships."

Evidently, Danforth has forsaken his conscience and his moral codes and sold his soul to McCain. Could it be there's the possibility of a cabinet position in his future if McCain wins?

Or maybe he's just a plain old racist? How else does one explain his hostility to ACORN?

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