Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Republican bogeymen & Mel Martinez

When one smear doesn't work, try another. That seems to be the strategy born of the despair in the McCain camp.

From McCain himself and from Sarah Palin we are hearing now, day after day, that Obama's tax plan is "socialistic," the implication being clearly that Obama is a "socialist." That is, of course, a play to the right-wing base still supporting McCain, as they believe "socialism" is bad, bad, bad. I'm sure, however, if you were to question these people, most of them would not be able to define the term correctly.

Then, yesterday, Mel Martinez, the right-wing Cuban born senator from Florida, on Fox News, compared Obama's tax plan to communist Cuba. "Where I come from, where I was raised, they tried wealth redistribution, and we don't need that here. That's called socialism, communism - not Americanism."

Poor Senator Martinez. Ignorant he remains. All taxes involve the redistribution of wealth! Furthermore, he, like so many Republican know-nothings, is painfully unaware of the difference between socialism and communism. Socialism is an economic system (the U.S. economic system has always contained elements of "socialism), while communism is a political system.

If Martinez does know the difference between socialism and communism, that would prove to the world that he, too, is willing to sink into the ethical morass that defines Republicanism today in order to smear Obama with the hope of increasing McCain's chances to gain the White House.

Fortunately, thus far, the smears are not only not working, but having the opposite effect, with some polls now putting Obama over 10 points ahead of McCain.

"Socialism?" "Communism?" Please. These idiots sound like grade-school kids arguing on the school playground.

And what, exactly, Senator Martinez, is "Americanism"?


Anonymous said...

I can tell you what Americanism is an American who upholds American views. Socialism or anything like it, is not an American view. Sympathy towards terrorist leaders is not Americanism. Being pals with Ayers, Wright, Khalid al-Mansour, Rashid Khalidi, Ingrid Mattson, Frank Marshall Davis, and there are many more names I could add, but won't, that's not Americanism. Being the ONLY congress person to vote against live-birth abortion is not Americanism. Vowing to sign FOCA, once in office, is not Americanism. Americans behind Barack Obama are like blind sheep to the slaughter. Unable to think for themselves, easily swayed by media blitz, and choosing to blindly follow Hollywood celebrity politics are those types who cannot evaluate politics for themselves. If Barack Hussein Obama wins, it will be for the likes of these types of Americans who think they know what Americanism is, but they do not because they think very simply, they think only in uni-dimensional terms.
I wonder if he was born here?

Jacob said...

Dear anonymous. I can see why you were afraid to sign your name to your incredibly stupid and racist rant.

You are full of more shit than an Xmas turkey.

And you really don't have a clue as to what it means to be an "American." Perhaps you ought to go back to school and study the Constitution.

With re: to "blind sheep." You exemplify those perfectly. Baa!

But thanks for writing.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jacob, I guess the truth hurts. It just so happens that I know a lot about the constitution and the history of our constitution and our nation. Some how, I don't think you do. I don't have a sign-on so I posted anonymously. Barack Hussein Obama is NOT our saviour. You must only be following mainstream media.

BTW, I am still wondering if the guy was born in America and will ever produce a simple birth certificate, so far there's only a registration of birth in Hawaii, not to be confused with the B.C. Wonder when ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, will cover this most interesting story.

One more thing Jacob, the x-mas turkey, what the heck is that? Isn't it the thanksgiving turkey?



Polly said...

Another point of view: Republican Mel Martinez will not seek reelection is 2010

Polly said...

Another point of view: Republican Mel Martinez will not seek reelection is 2010

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