Wednesday, October 22, 2008

McCain's gutter campaign

1) The McCain campaign has sent a brochure to voters in Virginia and Missouri which includes a photo "or what is either a plane about to crash into a building full of people or an airport departure gate, along with the words, 'Terrorists Don't Care Who They Hurt."

On the opposite side of the brochure is this "warning:" "Barack Obama Thinks Terrorist Just Need a Good Talking To."

When asked if he was proud of the brochure, McCain said "Absolutely." It would appear that McCain no longer knows the difference between right and wrong, or no longer gives a damn!

2) In a new, 30-second television ad, the McCain campaign castigates Obama by claiming that he "backed legislation to teach 'comprehensive sex education' to kindergartners. The voice over says, "Learning about sex before learning to read? Barack Obama. Wrong on education. Wrong for your family."

Obama did, in fact, support a law which allowed local school boards to teach "age-appropriate" sex education, NOT comprehensive sex education for kindergartners! The legislation provides schools with the ability to help young children learn about "inappropriate touching and sexual predators."

3) McCain, Palin and other Republican leaders such as Mel Martinez have mounted a McCarthy-like attack on Obama claiming that he is a socialist or is pushing socialistic programs. In St. Charles, Missouri, for example, John Hancock, a Repugnican activist said "Make no mistake, this campaign is a referendum on socialism."

It's all nonsense, of course. Obama's tax plan is no more "socialist" than is McCain's. And if you want to talk about "socialism," one merely needs to point to the government's bail-out of Wall Street and the financial institutions. Thus far, over $1 trillion in taxpayer dollars has been promised to "private" banks, and the government has actually taken a stake in nine of the largest banks.

McCain, that no-good socialist, was a up-front backer of the bail-out!

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