Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hey John, I'm a "hero" too

John McCain, who always says he doesn't like to talk about his military experience and his naval exploits, always talks about them. So no one was surprised when he raised the spectre of nuclear warfare while campaigning yesterday in Pennsylvania.

But what he said was plain laughable. Referring to the Cuban missile crisis of 1962, he said "I sat in the cockpit on the flight deck of the USS Enterprise off Cuba," he said. "I had a target. My friends, you know how close we came to a nuclear war. America will not have a president who needs to be tested. I've been tested my friends."

Well, not quite. Notice: He "sat in the cockpit." He didn't go anywhere. He didn't fly off and bomb his "target." [Which is probably a good thing or he might have been shot down again!]

And if sitting in his cockpit means he was "tested," well, hell, I've been tested, too, and so I'm also qualified to be president. In 1962, living in Arizona, still in the Naval Reserve, I received a letter from the Navy telling me to get my uniforms in order as it was possible I would be recalled to active duty because of the Cuban missile crisis. So, I got my uniforms in order and waited to receive my call to active duty, which, thankfully never came.

I didn't go anywhere, either. The test, I guess, comes in the waiting.

John McCain is full or horsehockey, my friends!

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