Friday, October 24, 2008

Bush administration wants to talk to Iran

What? George W. Bush and his neocon cronies have long harped on the dangers of "talking" to terrorist or "axis of evil" regimes. Can't do that, they said. Talking doesn't work, they said. You can't talk to terrorists they said. Better we should bomb 'em, they said.

Now, McClatchy reporter Warren P. Strobel, tells us that the Bushites will next month serve notice they plan to set up an "interests section" in Iran - "the first U.S. diplomatic presence in Iran since the 1979-81 hostage crisis."

The "interests section," which is less than an embassy, will nevertheless be headed by an American diplomat. "Among other things," says Strobel, "the U.S. diplomats in Tehran would facilitate cultural exchanges; issue visas for Iranians to travel to the U.S.; and engage in public diplomacy to present a more charitable view of the U.S.

Dontcha just love it? When Senator Obama suggested it might be of value to sit down and talk with one's perceived enemies, that such talk might be more fruitful in terms of resolving differences than bombs, John McCain sneered and called Obama "naive." Throughout the presidential campaign, McCain and his sidekick, Palin, have continued to disparage Obama for his position - leaving the clear impression that he was "soft" on terrorists and terrorism.

No wonder McCain is thoroughly pissed with Bush. Just when McCain stakes out a position based on Bush policy, Bush undercuts him by flip-flopping.

What a bunch of morons!

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