Sunday, October 19, 2008

Enough already, with Sam (or Joe) the plumber!

Yeah, his name isn't Joe, it's Sam, as in Samuel. And he's a Republican shill who got conned by the McCain team and now his ass is in a wringer and he's crying about the "bad" media who dare look into his personal affairs and turn his life upside down.

Screw you, Sam! You asked for it!

And McCain, dumb ass that he is, keeps talking about Joe the plumber who isn't Joe the plumber but Sam the non-plumber. In fact, when campaigning (again) in Ohio today, he said this about Sam, the non-plumber:

"The real winner this week was one of Ohio's own -- Joe the Plumber. He's the only person who could get a real answer out of Senator Obama ... Congratulations, Joe, you did what nobody else has been able to do. That's an impressive achievement."

Yuk, yuk, yuk. Hell, McCain's so dumb he doesn't even need Palin to pull down his campaign. He's doing it all by himself!

I think Colin Powell said something like that today when he endorsed Obama for president!

Back to Joe, or Sam. Enough already. Joe is not Joe, he's Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher. He is not a licensed plumber or a plumber's apprentice, either. And there is no way in hell he could have ever bought a plumbing business. He makes about $40K a year. Twice divorced, he and his son live with his dad.

Wurzelbacher is also a registered Republican.

He is not a member of the Plumber's union. Gary Hamilton, director of the plumbing division of the United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry, said "He [Sam] doesn't speak for me as a plumber." And as regards the 350,000 member of the union, Hamilton, said Sam "sure doesn't represent them."

The union, in fact, has endorsed Obama.

Now, Sam the Republican shill, pretended to Obama that he wanted to buy the business where he works. Hah! The business wouldn't come close to $250,000 taxable earnings. To do that, according to the Wall Street Journal, a plumbing company like the one Sam works for would have to have $5 million in sales annually. Not likely!

Was Sam really a shill? You decide. Not only did he set up an unlikely scenario for Senator Obama, he lied about his name and his "plumberliness" and he pretended he could buy a business and net $250,000 annually. Then, he said he didn't like Social Security and would refuse it when he hit retirement age. He also said that Obama's health plan was "socialist."

It's very likely that Sam wouldn't know "socialism" from a "soccer mom." And do you really think Sam is gonna turn down a gift from Uncle Sam every month when he hits retirement time?

So, enough already with Sam or Joe or Schmo the plumber!

And why the hell are we talking about any of this when there are real issues with which Mr. McCain ought to be dealing.

Hey, Mr. McCain, here news for you: even if Sam the non-plumber bought the business, Obama would give him a tax break.

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Time o retire him too.

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