Saturday, October 25, 2008

James Dobson - "Christian" without a conscience

AOL News published an AP article yesterday titled, "Christian right intensifies attacks on Obama."

It is an excellent summary of how the extremists on the Christian right are trying to bury Obama with outright falsehoods, rumors, and scare tactics.

You can read it here.

I was taught as a child that the devil never appears in recognizable form. The devil does not wear a red suit with a tail and horns. To the contrary. The devil appears in righteous form. The devil wears a three-piece suit, a striped tie, and smells of expensive cologne, or maybe a Roman collar and chasuble. The devil speaks softly, quotes scripture, denounces evil, reeks of a close relationship with god. He is neat and clean and his hair is scissor-cut.

The devil might appear as a female, of course: an attractive, well-groomed, charming delight in 3-inch heels (they could be red). She might claim to be born-again, a lover of God, a worker for the kingdom of god, a friend of Jesus and little children. It's possible she would run for political office as god's candidate.

It's a problem. How do you discern the devil? Things ain't always what they seem.

Enter James Dobson of Focus on the Family. I'm not going to say he's the devil, even though a number of people on his side of the fence have labeled Senator Obama as the anti-Christ. I'm going to let Dobson speak for himself.

Dobson has a bit of a problem, though. He has to be careful that his tax-exempt corporation remains that way. But he's good at dodging bullets, so he has set up separate corporate outfits to do his dirty work - like Focus on the Family Action.

It was under that umbrella that Dobson sent out his October newsletter to his minions--those millions of deluded fools who actually think he represents righteousness. The newsletter, like all hate material, contains numerous lies which are used to attack the character of a fellow-Christian, Barack Obama.

For Dobson, the upcoming election rides on two issues, mainly: abortion and homosexuality. There are other things Dobson worries about, but only tangentially. Abortion and homosexuality are his major concerns.

So, if, like Dobson, you "embrace a biblical worldview," whatever the hell that means, you will agree that we "need to elect a pro-family, pro-life president." And you will understand that "The importance of this objective cannot be overstated."

If we fail to do that, the Supreme Court will be stacked by an infidel president and will proceed to "impose a liberal agenda on the nation ... [also affecting] the definition of marriage, religious freedom, and the protections (of lack thereof) of life in the womb."

Dobson is a true charlatan. He says "...I will not endorse either candidate this year." In the very next breath he says, "I can say that I am now supportive of Senator John McCain and his bid for the presidency."

The rest of this diatribe is packed with extremist lies. For example: Senator Obama wants to allow the killing of babies born alive after a botched abortion. I'm sorry, but that is simply not true and to continue to perpetrate such nonsense is an "offense against god." Did you hear that Dobson - you have committed an offense against god!

Dobson goes on to claim that Obama wants "comprehensive" sex education for children in kindergarten. (I don't know why that would bother Dobson. He wants to close down ALL public schools!) But his charge against Obama in this case is again not true, and a deliberate attempt to smear the senator.

Dobson goes on to claim that the "homosexual agenda" will be given priority under a Democratic administration. That's scary to Dobbie, 'cause god hates queers. And he wants to be on god's side!

Dobson says that America under Obama would be an unmitigated disaster for those who believe in Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ!

But Palin! Wow, Dobson thinks she's the cat's meow! She is, says Dobbie, "a deeply committed Christian ... who is pro-life ... a portrait of Christian motherhood and womanhood."

Oh, and she's much more qualified than Obama. Her mayorship of Wasilla gave her all the experience she needs to be vice president or prez.

There's much more of this crap and it's worth reading if only to give you a sense of how Dobson really has no conscience. Perhaps it's all a matter of power. If Obama wins, Dobbie is out in the cold. No more weekly calls to the White House. No summoning to Washington to hear his "advice" on important matters. No pandering to his pontifical, self-righteous self.

Dobson is, indeed, a egotistic, self-righteous, pompous, gas-bag who, by his writings and speeches, comes off as the devil in a three-piece suit. He wouldn't know Jesus Christ if his legendary savior hit him on the head with the Torah!

You can read all of Dobson's letter here.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Dobson thinks he is God!
Woulnd't that be an awful thought?
Bob Poris

Anonymous said...

Maybe Dobson is the Devil!We only have his word that he works for God or perhaps he thinks God works for him. It is hard to tell sometimes.
He does seem preoccupied with sexual matters.

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