Saturday, August 23, 2008

Rudy Giuliani - Repugnican keynote speaker

[Photo of Rudy in drag]

It is official: Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York, will be the keynote speaker at the Repugnican Convention.

Here's a laugh. The theme of the Convention is "Country First," and all four days will be dedicated to "service, reform, prosperity and peace."

How do these Repugnican hypocrites keep a straight face? And how in god's name can they continue to fool so many millions of Americans into thinking that the Repugnicans will best represent their interests? It's a conundrum!

It would appear that the theme of "Country First" comes from McCain and friends, or what's more likely, McCain stole it from the convention planners. You will recall, how, when asked to define patriotism at Saddleback, McCain said "country first."

Unfortunately, that's one hell of a poor way to define patriotism. One's country may have devolved into a war-mongering, fear-mongering, totalitarian state - much like the United States under the Bushites. Patriotism, in that instance, would not be "country first," but would better be defined as a re-dedication to the basic principles upon which the country was founded!

"Country first" as a definition of patriotism would be a much better fit in China that the U.S.!!

McCain, of course, is no intellectual, so he's lucky to chew gum and walk at the same time. Nevertheless, to say that "country first" is a good definition of patriotism is simply stupid -- UNLESS you are part and parcel of the would-be dictators who are running the country!

"Service? Reform? Prosperity? Peace?" My god, these are the very items that the Republican Party has made a mockery of. In the Republican playbook, service has been replaced by greed. Reform has been changed to institutionalized corruption. Prosperity? Well, look around at the price of gas, the steadily rising inflation, at all the people out of work, houses being foreclosed, the homeless wandering about with dazed looks on their faces. And peace? That's rich, as we used to say when I was young and innocent. Peace, according to the Republicans, means never-ending war. But it does make the weapons-makers rich.

Back to Rudy.

In 2006, the disgraced Ralph Reed, who had the unmitigated gall to run for governor of Georgia, invited Rudy Giuliani to be a keynote speaker for a campaign fundraiser at the Westin Buckhead in Atlanta.

This is what jhutson said about it all on talk2action:

"The religious right talks about adherence to high moral standards, and castigates politicians who do not adhere to its professed values - most of the time. But when it is expedient politically and financially, religious right leaders such as Ralph Reed like to cozy up to bigwig politicos, even those who wipe their feet on so-called issues like 'the sanctity of marriage.' ...

"Just how desperate does ... gubernatorial candidate Reed have to be to court and count on the support of a pro-choice, pro-gay, pro-gun control, divorced Catholic politician from New York who has confessed to having sex with his cousin on a regular basis over the course of 14 years?"

Hutson notes that Reed blasted a judge in Fulton County, Georgia for dishonoring the "sanctity of the institution of marriage' because he knocked down Georgia's gay marriage ban.

"Well," Hutson continues, "Does Reed's definition of sanctified marriage include a man and his third cousin? Well, what about a man who married his third cousin, Ms. Peruggi, then had the marriaged annulled after a brief 14 years as soon as he 'discovered' (in the midst of an adulterous affair with Ms. Hanover) that his wife was not his third cousin, but actually his second cousin? What about a man who has an annulment, marries his lover waiting in the wings, and then ends his second marriage with another adulterous affair?"

Now everything said so far about Reed's willingness to snuggle up to Giuliani could be said about the Repugnican Party as a whole and the Repugnican Convention in particular. Rudy, or as some call him - the "cross-dressing, 'blatant adultering cousin-fucker' (BACF) with a comb-over"- will be the keynote speaker for the Republican Convention.

And what do you say about a man who is denied the Sacrament of the Eucharist in his own religious institution because he flaunts the beliefs of that institution?

What do you say about a man who unabashedly uses his complete failure as mayor to protect the citizens of New York to promote himself at every opportunity?

You say "Keynote Speaker!"

How desperate are these Rupugnican hypocrites?


Anonymous said...

Maybe Rudy should run as VP. He would get the woman vote of course. they know he loves them more than anything of earth. So far, the Party has not acknowledged that Reed is a hypocrite or Rudy a phony.

Tommy Korioth said...

I'm happy Rudy is giving the keynote. He's the 9/11 of politicians. No one likes his speeches. He can't rally the support of independents. If there's one person who can turn off the repugnican electorate, it's Rudy.

Lets start a drinking game. Everytime he says "9/11" we take a shot. On second thought, maybe not. That could lead to alcohol poisioning.

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