Friday, August 22, 2008

Jindal and Jesus

Bobby Jindal, the ultra-right, wingnut Christian governor of Louisiana, loves Jesus and just knows that he's going to heaven because Jesus has saved him for all of his sins.

Well, here's a sin I don't think Jesus is going to overlook, and it has to do with demeaning God's creatures under the guise of "faith."

Jindal will NOT renew an anti-discrimination order generated by former Governor Kathleen Blanco. This order banned a variety of types of discrimination and harassment in all state offices, "including discrimination by race, sexual orientation and political affiliation." It expires today.

Jindal, who, as we said, loves Jesus and insists that his faith plays a major part of his day-to-day decision-making (I mean, he couldn't imagine going through a day without his god by his side), stated (with a straight face, no less!) that he won't renew the order because discrimination is already prohibited by state and federal laws and "he doesn't want to create additional special categories by executive order."


But then we find out the real reason: Jindal was concerned that such an anti-discrimination order would create problems for faith-based organizations and their contracts with the state!

You wouldn't want to take away the right of a faith-based organization to discriminate, would you? I mean, most of these faith-based groups are of a fundamentalist Christian mindset and fundamentalist Christians just can't have non-believers or wrong-believers working for them as they do God's good work!

Hey, don't blame me. The people of Louisiana voted this fruitcake into office. (Want a sleepless night? Supposedly, he's on the short list for McCain's vice presidential running mate!)



Jeff said...

Let's Do for Bobby Jindal what Dan Savage did for Rick Santorum!

Jindal (JIN - dal) n.
1. A member of a disempowered, underrepresented minority group who persecutes members of similarly disempowered, underrepresented groups upon attaining a position authority to curry favor with the leadership of the group or groups in power.

2. A member of a disempowered minority group who persecutes other minorities to curry favor with his or her oppressors.

Synonyms: schill, token, pawn, tool, Judenrat

Anonymous said...

Whenever someone says they do not want to create a special category to be protected, I wonder why not. It is obvious that some groups are still excluded for a variety of reasons. If the laws were applied properly, we would not have to keep adding new ones. I am not confident that a straight person will protect the rights of a gay person if he feels the person is a Devil or evil. The same might apply to one religion’s view of another that is very different. History has shown ethnic cleansing is still around. We still have entire countries that do not allow Jews or Christians to be treated as equal citizens. Discrimination is still around and we in the USA are not immune. We are far from perfect, so our Constitution guarantees the protection of the unpopular from the majority. It is part of why we are a great nation. We have been able to take the best from every immigrant group as the second generation assimilates. We would be wrong to discourage that.
Bob Poris

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