Friday, August 22, 2008

Father Jeremy Davies - an exercise in exorcistic futility

Thanks to PZ Myers at Pharyngula for pointing me to this.

Welcome to the Dark Ages!

Father Jeremy Davies is a 73-year old Roman Catholic priest "of Westminster, the leading diocese of the Catholic Church of England and Wales."

We may be living in the 21st Century, but Father Davies never made it out of the Dark Ages! The good reverend believes that "Promiscuity, as well as homosexuality and pornography ... is a form of sexual perversion and can lead to demonic possession."

Among the reasons for the "explosion of homosexuality in recent years," according to this clerical screwball, "is a contagious demonic factor."

Of course. Why didn't we discover this before?

But, this aging celibate ("an Oxford graduate who is also a qualified physician"), doesn't stop there. "Even heterosexual promiscuity is a perversion; and intercourse, which belongs in the sanctuary of married love, can become a pathway not only for disease but also for evil spirits."

We must warn our vulnerable young people about these dangers, cries Davies.

Part of the problem, too, is "that Satan is responsible for having blinded most secular humanists to the 'dehumanising effects of contraception and abortion and IVF, of homosexual "marriages,"' of human cloning and the vivisection of human embryos in scientific research. Extreme secular humanism, 'atheist scientism', is comparable to 'rational satanism' and these are leading Europe into a dangerous state of apostasy. "

Father Davies has even written a book.

Hopefully, no one will ever read it.

What could an old cleric who believes in demons, thinks that sexual intercourse is a "pathway" to "disease" and "evil spirits," who is convinced that homosexuality and pornography lead to demonic possession, who has faith in the notion that life begins when sperm meets egg and thus contraception is "dehumanising," possibly offer people living in the real world in the 21st century?

If you want to believe in demons, look to the comical Father Davies, for he really worries about "demonic" sex. And, as they say, the devil's in the details.

But that's just the opinion of some "rational satanists."

Read PZ Myers here, and more on Father Davies here. There's more on Davies' problem with Yoga here. Read about his "authoritative" tract on exorcism here.


Anonymous said...

As a celibate, I guess he is an expert. What is demonic sex like? Has the Devil written much on the subject or made any movies? I am not sure I want to know what my neighbors do when engaging in any sex. I think sex should remain private and between two consenting people. I do not think it should be practiced in church or before an audience but I tend to be somewhat of a prude.
Bob Poris

Unity said...

Well,i wonder why you attack Father Davies's words? Maybe they've already entered you and are convincing you his words are false.I suggest you accompany him on an exorcism and then make your own mind up..

Jacob said...

Unity, you seem to be stuck in the Middle Ages. People who believe in Satan, demons, witches, magic and things that go bump in the night have a serious problem.

Priests who think they can exorcise "demons" are certifiably insane.


Anonymous said...

Jacob, keep your arrogant, judgmental words such as "medieval" and "crazy" to yourself. I've seen and heard evidence for demonic possession, you should explore the evidence yourself... don't just limit yourself to skeptical resources.

Jacob said...

"Medieval" and "crazy" are neither arrogant, nor judgmental. They amply and correctly describe folks, clerical and lay, who believe in all those goofy demonic things.

Please don't make assumptions about what "evidence" I've explored.


Bob Poris said...

“arrogant” why be hostile? Jacob has used his knowledge of the Bible to respond to some things that seem to go against the teachings attributed to Jesus. Didn’t He preach against public displays of piety? Personally I do not care what others believe but do resent their insistence that only they know the truth. Man’s relationship with God, should be between the individual and God. We know the good that man does by their actions. Not by their words.

Anonymous said...

In the end sex is nature's method to create babies. If you don't do it for this reason alone and prevent babies being born, then it's againts Nature. If you disagree you defy nature.
This guy may not agree with you, but go along to an exorcism and see why he is needed :)
Those wo go to him are ex-satanists, witches and those who previously thought he talked nonsense....

Anonymous said...

Father Jeremy Davies is only telling the truth.
I Know Because I was helped by him.
He has no reason to make these things up.
he is certainley not after self glorification He Is IN FACT TRYING TO HELP THOSE WHO NEED HIS HELP MOST.


Jacob said...

Hail Mary and pass the ammunition. All those little devils out there gotta be taken out.

Don't tell me to stop being blind when you believe in demons!

David said...

Father Jeremy Davies is speaking about the truth. He battles against evil on a daily basis and we are surrounded by it. He is a brave priest working in a difficult world. We are at a turning point where satan is around and creeping for new followers. Only by turning to Jesus can be overcome evil.

Jacob said...

Ah yes, David...there are nasty demons all around and they must be Satan's minions and only Father Davies can help us.

What kind of God do you believe in that he can't take care of Satan (whom he CREATED!) and the other little devils.

Or, could it be that people get psychologically screwed up all by themselves or with the help of religious figures, perhaps?

And what dost thou mean by "turning to Jesus"?

But never fear, I'm going to be watching for Satan "creeping for new followers". Yikes!

And we'll all burn in hell forever because the loving God is pissed that we don't pay enough attention to him, right?

Anonymous said...

Jacob ...i know Father Jeremy since 5 years ...i would suggest you, try to repet for ten times "Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen" with some Holy Water and doing the sign of the Cross in your head, with your own hand! Then post a comment here... God bless you.

Jacob said...

Heh. Heh. You're kidding, right? But, see, the problem is that I don't believe in paganism, magic, sorcers, demons, things that go "Boo!" in the night, nor do I believe that some guy with a turned-around collar who wears dresses can manipulate some deity "up there" somewhere to toss out a make-believe demon.

Hail Mary! That's a pass, right.

Beedee Kay said...

I would like to know how this Jeremy Davies is allowed to knock down & out all the beliefs I have had of the Love of God and for the Love of God. A great way to empty the Churches Jeremy. No-one could love such an angry, vengeful, cruel, unforgiving Man as you have portrayed God to be. I will never go into a church again, if all I can expect is judgement then punishment because I have been demonised by your sick attitude

Martha said...

I've been to Father's Mass, he seems a very serious and composed person. I believe him, God exists, so does Satan.

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