Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ann Coulter, reputation killer for Krist

If you read the Bible as literature, you understand that it is a collection of stories, tales, and sagas which metaphorically tell the same basic story over and over again: What humans see as "good," is not what God sees as "good," and therein lies the dilemma explicated in legends and myths throughout the "good book," beginning with the myth of Adam and Eve.

What humans see as "good," is too often evil in the sight of God.

Perhaps one of the most evil people on this planet today is Ann Coulter. I don't think that is hyperbole. It is impossible to talk of Coulter without referencing evil. From my understanding of the biblical perspective, what Coulter sees as "good," God sees as evil.

News Hounds describes her latest foray into the morass which involved the public and purposeful defamation of the character of Senator Barack Obama. In other words, she lied in order to denigrate Senator Obama in the eyes of the world. She did this while appearing on FOX News. Obviously, that does not speak well for the Repugnican propaganda outlet.

From News Hounds:

"FOX News trotted out the ethically-challenged Ann 'Boombox' Coulter to speak on behalf of Christian values on last night's (8/18/08) Hannity & Colmes. In critiquing Barack Obama's comments in Rick Warren's Saddleback forum over the weekend, Coulter falsely and outrageously claimed that Obama wants to make sure babies born after a botched abortion will be killed. [This story, by the way, is being given serious attention in a variety of place, including AOL!] Then, after a coquettish remark to the married Alan Colmes, Coulter boasted about 'madly flashing' Sean Hannity during the forum.

"Hannity, who quite happily supported pro-choice Rudy Guiliani, has been on a roll attacking Obama over his vote against an Illinois law that would have protected infants after a botched abortion procedure. As Media Matters has noted and Colmes later did, too, Obama's opposition to the Illinois bill was due to the fact that he felt it threatened women's right to choose while criminal statutes already in force protected infants."

Obama's position, by the way, has been verified by the State of Illinois!

As the discussion continued, "Coulter falsely said about Obama that he 'wants the doctors, you know, chasing (an infant born after a botched abortion) through a delivery room to make sure it gets killed."

One must remember, however, as News Hounds reminds us, that "Coulter has repeated called for murder, unlike Obama. She has 'joked' about poisoning Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens and assassinating President Clinton and Senator Lincoln Chafee..."

If that's not evil...

Please read the entire News Hounds article here.


Shimmy said...

Ann Coulter thinks about dead people when she's making love.

Anonymous said...

She is a publicity seeking character assassin that makes a good living saying outrageous things. She and Limbaugh amongst many, do not answer to anyone as long as enough people give them credence. They make money and have some degree of influence. That is their role in life and apparently lots of people love them. We might look down on them, but they do not care as long as they retain their audience. They will not go away until they stop making money. Once the Democrats win, they will have a new group of enemies to slander. They haven’t finished with Bill Clinton and he has been out of office for eighty years. Their advocates still eat it up. They must have needs and these people reed them what they need.

Bob Poris

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