Friday, August 22, 2008

Iraqi troop pullout - so who's unpatriotic now?

Not so long ago, when Senator Obama stated his objective of removing all combat troops from Iraq within 16 months of his taking office, the White House and Same McCain went ballistic. My god, you'd think Obama didn't want to win the war, said McCain. Obama would rather run for president than win the war, said Surely McCaine. Obama is one unpatriotic SOB, implied the flip-flopper-in-chief!

Bush and the rest of the Repugnicans danced around on that same bandwagon, even insisting that when Iraqi PM, Nouri al-Maliki, went on record as approving Obama's plan that al-Maliki must have misspoke! He must not have understood what he was saying. He couldn't possibly agree with Obama! "He's our man!" cried the Bushites.

Oops! All those "patriotic," self-righteous Repugnican clowns are slowly chewing their words today. Turns out that the Iraqis and the Bushites are drawing up a plan to remove all U.S. fighting soldiers from major Iraqi cities (not the country) by next June.

What went wrong that the "patriots" have suddenly turned "unpatriotic," no longer demanding that the U.S. "win" the war? And what will McSame have to say?

Could it have something to do with an upcoming election, which involves an electorate increasing pissed off about the entire costly mess in Iraq and who just might vote Democratic if there isn't some sort of attempt to bring it to a close?

The whole deal could collapse, of course, as the Bush people are hammering in a number of "conditions," which include the stationing of U.S. combat troops in the countryside in an "overwatch" role. Not only so, but a number of Sunni Iraqis don't like the plan, mostly, it seems, because it was developed under a Shiite government, but also 'cause they don't like Bush or his crony, Condi Rice.

Also of note, is that while the Iraqis are insisting that there be NO permanent U.S. bases in their country when the troops leave, the Bushites have their own plan which calls for about 58 permanent bases!

You may find this fact of interest: Congress has not yet been "informed" of the plan and the Bush administration will not submit the agreement for formal approval.

Kings, as you know, do not ask permission from subordinates!

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Anonymous said...

We will do what we can, if we can really look at it realistically. If we can help, I guess we should. If we are just trying to make money, we should look at it differently. The Iraqis should pay as much as possible from their oil profits. Personally I feel many of the problems of the Arab world need more help from other Arab leaders. So far, they have never sought to absorb refugees and help to assimilate them. They now have additional Arab refugees from Iraq but are not allowing them to work and are forcing some to leave their areas. The only refugees the UN recognizes and helps seem to be those from areas of the former Palestinian Mandate, assuming they are Muslim and are willing to live in sixty year old camps and live on charity. Iraq ia not ready to take care of its own. So we will stay longer, whether we like it or not. We, the American people, have little to say. We do not even know the truth about how much help we are actually doing to rebuild Iraq or how much Iraqis can do without us. We keep thinking they will have a bloodbath if we leave. There are bloodbaths all over the world and we, and the rest of the world, do kittle to stop it. I personally resent my tax dollars helping others kill each other but have little to say.
Bob Poris

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