Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lieberman will speechify at Repugnican Convention

Joe Lieberman - what can one say about this weasel of a man? Traitor to the Democratic Party; opportunist; blind servant to the lame McCain; dedicated to inane pedantry and noxious war-mongering...

Which leads to an Associated Press release from yesterday speculating upon McCain's possible VP candidates:

"His [McCain's] top contenders are said to include Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. Less traditional choices mentioned include former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge, an abortion-rights supporter, and Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman, the Democratic vice presidential prick in 2000 who now is an independent."

Lieberman is off on a trip to the Republic of Georgia, Poland and the Ukraine. It is reported that McCain plans to meet him south of Atlanta. Nah...just kidding. The reason for this trip, however, is known only to whatever deity Lieberman worships. Perhaps it is to show McCain's foreign policy concern? Maybe it's to blow smoke in Russia's face? Maybe it's because McCain isn't sure where to find these countries on a map or if they are even countries.

It's good to know that some Repugnicans aren't too happy about Lieberman speaking at their convention. I don't know why. He's one of McCain's closest friends and he's been out and about praising the old man while blasting Obama.

It might be good for the good guys if McCain named Lieberman to be his VP. That would throw a little traitor into the heroic mix.


WitSuperU said...

Demwits are just steamed over losing one of their beloved. Hey, at least Joe Lieberman woke up from the socialist coma that is sweeping Washington. The Democratic national convention has its own set of problems, so I'm a little amused at the piety.

WitSuperU said...

Haha. It doesn't surprise me that this blog is moderated.

Jacob said...

"Socialist coma"? The most significant "socialism" in DC for years has been government largess for the rich and the corporate barons!

But that's OK, right? So long as the poor folks are kept down and out.

Or maybe you're willing to give up such "socialistic" programs as the U.S. Postal Service, public schools, Social Security, Medicare, Interstate highways, dams, ... well, there's quite a list...

"Haha" yourself. I put all kinds of stupid comments on this blog.


What "piety" are you talking about? Do you know what piety means?

Anonymous said...

That is funny to read that Washington is in a Socialist coma. I think you would have to describe what you mean by socialist. Certainly over the past thirteen years of Republican rule the people own nothing nor does the government. Less than five percent owns the lion’s share of the means of production. Most people own little other than personal possessions. Much of our manufacturing, real estate plus large farms, and many retail chains are now owned by foreigners who are now attempting to buy our roads and infrastructure. I do not know where you went to school but that doesn’t seem like socialism. That is the extreme form of capitalism, which is great if you are part of the tiny percent that have done very well over the past thirteen years. For some, like me, it means I do not have to worry about losing a job or even a business. I can handle the increase in the costs of food, fuel and housing, so I like it as it is, so do all my children and my older grandchildren. I do not like socialism, communism, fascism or run away capitalism nor do I like the corrupting influence of huge amounts of money that has created more millionaires in a few years than all our history combined. I do not even mind if my taxes go up as long as services are provided and billions do not disappear into thieves bank accounts.. My kids all have advanced degrees and are doing fine, without working as hard as I did. Bush has been good to them and unless we get a draft, (which I am in favor of) they will never have to fight for their country as I did. I do not think most people are better off than they were under Clinton but some do not seem to understand how economics work.
I will vote for Obama and hope the inefficient and corrupt conservatives wind up in jail.
Bob Poris

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