Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A new church due to divine intervention

More wingnuttery!

In our locale, a fundamentalist Christian group has been meeting in rented space for a number of years, all the while growing in membership.

In 2005, the church spent $3 million to purchase land along one of the area's major highways. The church now believes it is ready to build its own facility. One of the church members, who just happens to be part of the construction company which has been hired to build the new church, says that it was "divine intervention [which] has led them to a permanent home."

So, I guess we can thank god for that.

But, you'd think the Lord would lead his people to property that was not located at the bottom of a huge and very stinky landfill!

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Anonymous said...

I wonder why that church couldn’t delay its expensive moving and use some of the money to help its members thru these difficult economic times. Ocala is having a rough time and the loss of tax revenues is hurting many. Perhaps the churches could volunteer to pay a fair value tax to help out. God might consider it a no interest loan. God doesn’t need a new building or any building but if the members of the church need a place to gather, they could consider sopending the smallest amount necessary to build a plain building, with no frills. I assume many of the members could use some help until God decides to solve some of the economic problems. So far the government has not been too helpful.
Bob Poris

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