Monday, December 1, 2008

The evil that lurks in the hearts of those who want a bigger audience share

This is a screenshot of an advertisement for Bill Handel's show at a "well-respected" radio station in Los Angeles.

Maybe not so "well-respected" anymore.

A joke? Sarcastic? Satire? Funny?

Thanks to Andrew Sullivan at The Daily Dish.


steviedog45 said...

You DO know that the segment about Barack being the Antichrist was SARCASTIC right? To prove a point how whever a new president takes over, religious nutjobs always think they are the new antichrist...Bill did this same segment about George Bush, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton. Plus, Bill is a vocal Barack Obama supporter....

Bob Poris said...

What nonsense….the anti Christ does not exist, in my opinion. God would not allow it. I think all the religious nuts have a low opinion of God’s powers, assuming the stories are true.

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