Monday, December 1, 2008

Bill Johnson, Victoria's Secret, and You!

Bill Johnson is the founder and head honcho of a rightwing christianist organization called the American Decency Association.

In 1988, Bill got a call from the Lord to fight pornography in the United States and became a director of a porn-fighting group called Citizens Against Pornography. In 1999, he decided to start his own "decency" organization, the ADA.

"Bill is devoted to uplifting the message of personal holiness, God's desire for his people."

And that, my friends, is why he thinks he should be able to tell companies how to advertise and what to advertise and what you and I should be allowed to read and watch! It's the Lord's fault! The Lord is sending out way too many messages to way too many kooks!

And isn't it interesting that so many of the Lord's messages have to do with sex or the lack of it? Why, do you suppose the Lord rarely tells these recipients of his messages to do something about war, or the environment, or the poor, or about the greedy rich, or ... It's always this "personal holiness" crap! And the Lord seems to give these kooks the notion that they have the right to decide for the rest of us just what "personal holiness" involves.

One of things that Bill's American Decency Association does is arrange for boycotts of stores that he thinks fail to behave "decently." One of his latest targets is Victoria's Secret. The ADA's campaign against Victoria's Secret has involved "complaints lodged with Victoria's Secret, complaints lodged with mall management, and refusal to buy merchandise."

I wonder what kind of stuff Bill would buy at Victoria's Secret if he wasn't actively boycotting the company?

Bill, taking more credit than credit is due, thinks that his campaign against Victoria's Secret has borne fruit. "There was great indication from Wall Street and CNN and others that Victoria's Secret was in some very serious troubles financially," said Bill.

Not only that, but General Growth Properties, the parent company, is reportedly under financial stress.

Couldn't have anything to do with the recession we are now "officially" in, could it?

Up in Grandville, Michigan, Bill has been busy harassing the Victoria's Secret at the Rivertown Crossings Mall. First off, Bill sent mail to the mall's owners requesting that Victoria's Secret take down "particularly pornographic black and white displays from their windows." That didn't work so he sent packets to every store in the mall asking them to complain to mall management, and threatened a boycott of the entire mall.

Now you tell me: does that sound an awful lot like extortion or blackmail?

Bill says that eventually those "pornographic" displays were removed, but Victoria's Secret -- that bad, bad company -- still has stuff up that is not proper for a "family shopping center."

Bill is one sick puppy! One cannot help but wonder why he thinks that female mannequins clad in bras and panties, or photos of women wearing lingerie, are "pornographic." That doesn't constitute pornography by any normal standards. Bill must have a problem.

Hopefully, Victoria's Secret and other targeted companies will tell Bill and his minions to go to hell: "Do not pass go, do not collect $200, go straight to hell!"

And he needs to get a real job!

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Tommy Korioth said...

Sex sells. What most people don’t understand is that it sells both ways. Using sex to sell products works just as well as the never ending fight against sex. Guys like Bill Johnson have been milking that con-game for generations. Someday, hopefully, guys like Johnson will have their way and we will pro-create thru mitosis. (The way God intended.) Until then, the con-game continues until the little old ladies run out of money. (Although, Bill sound suspiciously like one of the Johnson family in Blazing Saddles.)

On the American Decency Assoc.’s web site they advocate boycotting McDonalds because of their corporate pro-gay marriage agenda. Which makes me wonder, if we end the boycott doesn’t that mean millions of Christian homo-phobes would suffer from McHeart disease. Please, someone ask that damn clown to start hating gays. It’s the American Decent thing to do.

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