Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sex and the Dalai Lama

[Photo from the Dalai Lama's Website]

Picture in your mind the Dalai Lama having sexual intercourse.


I've never understood why anyone listened to anything the Dalai Lama said. Why do so many people think his claim to be the Tibetan spiritual leader means he has any special knowledge whatsoever?

While I don't know everything the Dalai Lama has said, his teachings differ not a whole lot from traditional Eastern religions. He replicates and expands upon Buddhist teachings, which many feel are of value, but so what?

When he spoke up recently about sexual intercourse, he probably should have kept his mouth shut. Sexual intercourse, said this "master" of the mind, is, in the long run, bad for you. It creates an excess of "ups and downs" in one's life, said the D. L.

"Sexual pressure, sexual desire, actually, I think is short-period satisfaction and, often, that leads to more complications.

"Naturally, as a human being...some kind of desire for sex comes, but then you use human intelligence to make comprehension that those relationships are always full of trouble."

Not only so, but this Tibetan poohbah claims that problems deriving from sexual activity can lead to suicide or murder!

Unfortunately, while the Dalai Lama may have some worthwhile things to offer a world obsessed with "things," he blew it big time. And, when he's so full of bullshit about sex, how can we possibly conclude he knows anything about anything else?

This mindset is reminiscent of the Roman Church, too, and many other Christian groups. Sex is bad. Sex will mess you up. Masturbate and you'll lose your mind. Celibacy is the best thing. That's from the apostle Paul again.

It's all a crock. None of it is based in reality or on a scientific understanding of human beings. It is all derived from a sick theology that exalts the "spiritual" over the "physical."

And, as science has shown again and again, it's not sexual activity per se that can lead to problems but the lack of it!

Don't dally with the Dalai. In this case, the Lama is lame!

Here is the Dalai's Website.


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Why not allow him his thoughts too? We can disagree or agree.
I wonder agout men that wear cover ups rather than pants, but that is my bias.
Bob Poris

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